It is that time of the year when you want to tell your friends, family, co-workers, and others that they are special to you. One of the best ways to enjoy their company for a long time to come is to give the gift of Wellness. Encouraging your loved ones into a Wellness Lifestyle (and you too!) can be a beautiful thing for both of you! Some gifts can be enjoyed in person in La Plata, Maryland while others will encourage wellness through virtual experiences. Read about these 5 gift giving ideas and get your creative juices flowing!

Gift Card

With a simple gift card like this, your friend can have a Zoom class or two, a Joovv Light Therapy session or two, a 15 minute rest in the Infrared Sauna, Aromatherapy, Juice-Si, or whatever they fancy! You choose the amount and Zoa will prepare it for you. In a rush? You can always buy a E-Gift Certificate but you won’t be able to get this cute card or use a check.

Gift Certificates at Zen and Vitality with Zoa

Stress Relief Package

This combination of stress reduction tools is perfect for those who need nothing because they are always thinking of others. Caregivers (mothers, nurses, massage therapists, etc.) can be the worst at practicing their own self care. Show them you care as much as they care about you! Please give Zoa time to make the eye pillow! Meditation Memberships start at or near the beginning of the month. Request a Stress Relief Package.

Specialty - Stress Relief

Unique Coffee Mug

Drinking your morning beverage from this Zen and Vitality cup offers a gentle reminder at the beginning of the day to focus on your Wellness Lifestyle not just on all the Things-That-Must-Get-Done. Request a Mug Online!

Meditation Mala Necklace

The addition of a handmade Mala Necklace to the practice of mantra meditation adds a level of accessibility that deepens the meditation thereby increasing the benefits. Having this mala around your neck encourages you to make good use of the universe’s gift of a few available minutes to spontaneously be mindful and refocus on the important parts of life.

Necklaces are crafted from monofilament (fishing line) with 6 mm gemstone beads (turquoise is pictured here) for the Mala aspect and seed and other craft-worthy beads.

chakra gemstone necklace - orange

Wellness Roadmap Session

Many people are new to the idea of a Wellness Lifestyle. They often do not know where to begin making lifestyle changes for the better. In a Wellness Roadmap Session, Zoa asks questions, points out pitfalls, guides you through the decision making process, and is present while you choose the steps that will bring you closer to overall wellness.

Functional Wellness Roadmap at Zen and Vitality with Zoa