Updated 10/7/23; Originally Published 8/30/23

Airline travel might be your only or preferred way to get where you want to go, so how can you fly and still take care of your optimal wellness. Use these tips to increase your ability to practice self-care no matter where you are:

number 1

Quantum Water Bottle

You can’t take your favorite water through airport security (you will just have to dump it!) and who knows what the water quality and taste are like in the airport and at your destination. You don’t want to drink water in plastic bottles. You just want to stay as well hydrated as you can. When you travel with your Leela Quantum Water Bottle, you can taste and feel the difference.

Leela Quantum Tech makes a quantum energy infused water bottle that improves the healthful nature of the water as it sits in the bottle. When you drink from this water bottle, expect to be energized (not zingy or agitated), to feel your best, and to be protected from toxins or other negative influences that might be present in the water.

Leela HEALing Water Bottle

When I travel, I bring one Leela water bottle and one plain stainless steel bottle. Once the water has sat in the Leela bottle for about 20 minutes, I either drink it or move it into the other bottle and add an electrolyte powder for even better hydration.

number 2

DNA and Cell Protector Card

High elevations increase radiation exposure from the sun and raise the oxidative stress levels that your body must then work to remove from the body (through detoxification processes). This higher need to detox can be damaging to your delicate DNA – especially if you already experience challenges to your personal detoxification.

Some people can feel the effects of being higher in the atmosphere while flying. You might feel tired, experience a headache, or other negative sensations indicating your detox load has risen.

When you carry a DNA and Cell Protector card on your person while flying, your mitochondria and DNA have a little protective bubble around them that keeps them safe from the additional damage from high altitude. Since your DNA is your body’s roadmap to repairing and replicating your cells, you want crystal clear instructions – no DNA damage! All you have to do it tuck the little brass card into your bra, a pants pocket, or other location very close to your skin. Voila! Safety for your cells!

DNA and Cell Protector card from Leela Quantum Tech

If you want to try before you buy and live where you can come into Zen and Vitality (La Plata, MD), you can rent a DNA and Cell Protector card for a month.

Number 3

Travel Red/Infrared Light

I love the big red/infrared light panels that I have at Zen and Vitality but what is a woman to do when traveling? You can’t lug those big things with you! I travel with the little unit called Scarlet Lux from TrueLight. I put it in my carry-on bag wrapped in clothing and all was well through security and the flight.

The Scarlet Lux can do red, infrared, amber (for skin), or combinations of colors. It operates in either pulsed mode (great for recovery) or steady on mode. It is light and easy to operate. The red and infrared light work on inflammation and facilitating your sleep/wake cycle. The amber light works on boosting lymphatic flow and immune action within the skin.

TrueLight Scarlet Lux

No I didn’t use it on the airplane, but sure did once off – on my head, my heart, my hips, and anywhere else that you need a boost. You can get a stand for it, but I don’t bother for travel. I can see getting a stand for home use though – so you can do your own back!

Number 4

Zinc Throat Spray

Yes, being in airports with lots of people and close quarters with many people can expose you to all sorts of lovely germs. To help my immune system when around all these new people and germs, I used Zinc Throat Spray liberally on my trip.

Yes it was a liquid but since my personal care products are mostly fabulously healthy foods, I had liquid space to spare for this tiny bottle of mineral based immune support. Why did I bother? I know from my Hair Mineral Analysis that I struggle with having enough zinc. Zinc is tied to both your immune system’s ability to stop viral infections and progesterone for cognitive and female health. You bet I’m working on my zinc!

Immune Charge Zinc Throat Spray from Quicksilver Scientific
Number 5

Nutrient Rich Travel Foods

Remember I said that I rely on fabulously healthy foods? It is crazy hard for me to eat healthy enough when traveling. I usually take foods with me to make it easier. What is worth the trouble to take with me?

  1. Spirulina – this blue algae is rich in minerals, vitamin A (important for immune system regulation and a partner to zinc), essential fatty acids, protein, and some awesome phytonutrients that help with daily detox of the body. These tablets can be swallowed like a supplement, chewed on while walking, or combined with some nuts and dried fruit as part of a travel-easy trail mix. You can get this in easy travel packets or a monthly subscription if you are near La Plata, MD and can stop by weekly.
  2. Chia seeds – I can grab a goat milk yogurt from the store, add chia seeds, and almost feel like I’m home! I can also put them in my water whenever I want. Chia seeds are rich in essential fatty acids (to make Omega-3), protein, calcium and zinc, and fiber for my gut beasties.
  3. LMNT and Ultima Electrolytes – it is hard to stay hydrated when traveling – or at home! I make liberal use of my electrolyte powders to help me feel energized and sleep well. For me personally, I use LMNT for the first half of the day and Ultima for the second half. Their stick packs make it easy to bring just the right number for your trip – and a few extra.
  4. Mosh Bars – Mosh makes delicious protein rich snack bars for your brain. They are full of nutrients for your brain, are anti-inflammatory foods, keto-friendly (since sugar is unfriendly for the brain), boosted with adaptogens, and yummy. I eat these whether I am traveling, hiking, or just rushing to the studio for the evening.
  5. BEAM Minerals in Capsule form– I adore how I feel when I add BEAM minerals to my coffee or yogurt, but I do not wish to explain my fascination with these liquid minerals to every TSA agent I meet. So I take the pill form with me. At Zen and Vitality, you can purchase just the number of capsules that you need for your trip – so you don’t invest in an entire bottle when you don’t need it!