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Specialty - Chronic Pain and Fatigue

At Zen and Vitality, you will find many wellness tools that will reduce your chronic pain without medication, surgery, or other external intervention.

Whether your pain and fatigue stems from arthritis, injury, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammation, mold illness, or other chronic pain condition, Zoa is here to help you puzzle through which therapies work right now and what is best saved for another time.

Pain is a message that something is wrong. When pain lingers, it is a sign that the body and mind need a change or shift.

Is this you? No matter what you do it hurts when you breathe, walk, get up, or lie down. Another day of exhausting whole body pain ends as you attempt to get comfortable enough in bed to fall asleep for a bit. Pain meds are a no for you … surely there’s another way?

It is one thing to be tired and need to go to bed early occasionally. It is quite another to feel tired all day long, every recent day you can remember.

Is this you? You crawled out of bed 3 hours ago and you’re just now feeling awake enough to get some work done – and you’ve already downed your coffee!

You are in the right place. Living a wellness lifestyle gives plenty of opportunities to incorporate healing therapies into your day/week to help you feel better not older with the goals of rarely feeling pain and having all the energy you desire!

Wellness Lifestyle Approach: Natural Solutions to Fatigue and Pain Relief

When dealing with fatigue, we simultaneously look for the cause and add in techniques to alleviate your fatigue. I am seeking to support your body’s ability to produce and regulate energy by taking away the roadblocks (like lack of nutrients in your diet or the energy zap of your high stress level). We are looking for sustainable fixes not temporary boosts or band-aids.

When dealing with pain, we tread softly and are attentive to both mind and body contributions to the sensations of pain. I will work to make you comfortable while addressing your concerns and goals. Pain minimization is crucial so your body does not lash out or rebel!

Inflammation throughout the body or even in localized places creates pressure inside your skin, saps your energy, weakens your body, fogs your brain, and so much more! At the same time as you are identifying and treating the source of your chronic inflammation, you can be putting the body at ease and decreasing the pain inducing inflammation every day at home, in my La Plata, MD studio, or online.

5 Therapeutic Tools for Chronic Pain Relief

Whether you need online or in person support, Zen and Vitality with Zoa in La Plata, MD is here to help you feel better not older! Zoa offers multiple options to release your chronic pain and would be delighted to meet with you about which tools are most likely to help you now and later.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. ~ Buddhist Proverb

Therapy #1: Near Infrared and Red Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Zoa during a Light Therapy Session

Light Therapy is a new pain relief technology now available at your fingertips! Zen and Vitality has a LumiNIR wand available to rent for your home use. You can sit holding the want to your skin and within a few minutes zap collagen building red light and cellular healing near infrared light directly onto the place that hurts. A song or chat later and you feel better. What could be simpler?

If you need your everything to stop hurting, the Joovv Red Light Therapy system will suit you much better. Stand and show your skin to the Quad light panels and your entire body receives the healing red and infrared light that reduces inflammation, helps rebuild collagen and cartilage, and improves the body’s energy production on a cellular level to power your self healing.

Therapy #2: Pain-Free Pilates for Joint Stability and Comfort

Zoa on the Pilates Reformer

Zoa uses her specialized training and knowledge to guide you through either small group or private movement classes, giving each student personalized modifications optimal for your current state of body and mind. Whether you attend a Mat Pilates or Pilates Apparatus session, you will receive encouragement to move without added pain and in safe ways that stabilize your spine and joints.

Together we will create a balance between muscle strength and flexibility for all joint movements so your brain is comfortable with your pain-free movement choices. Appropriate modifications might involve a smaller range of motion where you move without pain, a change of orientation of the body compared to gravity to ease the joint, the use of a prop or resistance to support the body, and finding the perfect level of challenge to match your abilities.

Therapy #3: Infrared Sauna for Pain Reducing Heat

Zoa laying in the Infrared Sauna

For many individuals, heat and increased blood flow are the key to reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, and stimulating the body to self-heal. An Infrared Sauna heats you from the inside out.

Many say it feels like lying in the sunshine but without the the potentially skin damaging ultraviolet light. You control how much internal heat you build with the sauna control settings and the session duration.

In return for lying and soaking up the warmth, your increased blood flow delivers oxygen and important nutrients to the body and brain as a whole. Muscles repair more quickly. Ligaments, tendons (fascia!), and joints benefit from the heat and increased blood flow nearby. Nerve endings calm down and your brain registers less pain.

Therapy #4: Sensate to Calm the Mind and Reduce Pain

Sensate unit

Pain is all in the mind; your pain level is dependent on how your brain deals with the signals from your nervous system. Pain is a stressor. It activates your sympathetic branch of your autonomic nervous system. One way to reduce pain is to activate the other branch – the parasympathetic nervous system. The Sensate device is one way to do this from the comfort of your own home.

Sensate’s vibration and sounds engage the vagus nerve that wanders down from your brain, touches your heart and most major organs, and ends up in the lower abdomen. Vagal stimulation results in your gut creating acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter that acts like a tranquilizer. Your mind calms, your pain reduces, and you breathe easier. Yay!

Therapy #5: Fascial Release to Soften Tension That Creates Pain

Zoa Using a Fascial Release prop

Muscle tension in the body can create pain. Activated senses can overstimulate the brain and generate a pain response. Your fascial system manages stress of all types (physical, mental, and emotional).

Zoa’s fascial release classes facilitate relaxation and stimulation of your fascia in a way that reduces body discomforts, calms the mind, and shifts the senses to focus on happy, positive feelings. Your joints will move better and your brain will thank you!

At home, you can create your own fascial relaxation and reorganization by using the Fascia Releazer on a small focused area of your body.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. ~ Helen Keller


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