Ready to Feel Better Not Older?

How do you currently feel?

Zen and Vitality supports daily and weekly wellness activities for all types of people. Zoa’s healing approach varies quite a bit depending on your starting point and your needs. If you are ready to make lifestyle changes, we can go far together. How we begin, depends on how you currently feel.

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Maybe you are thinking …

Each of us is unique and ever changing. Zen and Vitality has so much to offer but it can be hard to know where to begin.

Movement is medicine – is that the right place to start?

Maybe you are concerned about your weight or blood sugar and hear others talking about the importance of eating “healthy”.

Perhaps someone suggested you try yoga so here you are.

Sleep may be your priority (or maybe it should be!).

Stress – so much stress – make it go away!

Wellness has many components or dimensions – so many options!

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Build your Road Map to Wellness

If you want accountability, encouragement, instruction, feedback, and a partner in thought for your journey towards increased wellness and vitality, Zoa’s Wellness Roadmap and Personal Body Vitality Plan are perfectly designed for you.

Zoa's Wellness Specialties

If you have a special need or concern, explore Zoa’s Specialty Wellness Services and see which ones match your needs.

Dealing with Pain, Injury, Depression, or Illness

When dealing with pain, we tread softly and are attentive to both mind and body contributions to the sensations of pain. Zoa works to make you comfortable while addressing your concerns and goals. Pain minimization is crucial so your body does not lash out like a thunderstorm!

Pain makes life feel like a constant thunderstorm. Reduce your pain through Wellness at Zen and Vitality!

You want to rise out of the low you are currently in. Maybe you are…

  • having a medical problem and the doctors are still looking for answers
  • trying to avoid surgery or some other invasive procedure
  • frustrated with physical therapy yet again
  • wanting to heal an injury in the quickest and most optimal way possible so your body will still do what you love
  • finding that your mental health needs support
  • just “stuck” and looking for a change

You are in the right place. Zen and Vitality has so much to offer you – but it can be overwhelming to get started. Let’s talk and take a positive step towards feeling good again.

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Feeling OK But I Want to Feel Better!

Does cloudy describe your life right now? Some days are better than others. You are likely dealing with some body or mind issues and looking for new tools so you will feel good more often. Maybe even every day! Zoa meets you there with an ideal workout, the perfect wellness suggestion for today, or inspiration for the future. Keep reading and you will find a variety of options to help you along in your journey to “Feeling Good Every Day”.

Days when you feel partly cloudy can be improved through wellness services at Zen and Vitality with Zoa!

Upgrade Your Exercise

These days, it is easy to find an exercise class. However, if you are looking for an instructor with a passion for the details of optimal movement patterns, a keen understanding of the body and mind, a strong focus on the brain’s participation of safe and healthy movement, and the creativity to make every single class different – you want to exercise with Zoa!

Local Organic Foods

Is it time to step up the quality of your food? Make a shift to your overall diet? Weekly access to the best quality locally grown/produced organic foods has made a big difference for current Zen and Vitality clients. You too can skyrocket the nutritional value of your diet with these veges, fruits, grains, flours, raw vegetable juices, kombucha, and sourdough bread.

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Looking to Feel Fabulous!

For a while now, you have been making good choices to support your wellness. Most days you …

  • feel pretty good but don’t want to be complacent.
  • want to step your wellness up a notch.
  • know that “use it or lose it” applies to both your body and your mind.
Make every day sunny by feeling fabulous because of your wellness practices. Zen and Vitality can help you!

You are in the right place to find your next addition to your wellness lifestyle!

When life is good and you want challenge, Zoa opens up opportunities for you! New ways of thinking and new ways of moving both offer great challenges when you are feeling sunny. Take advantage of Zoa’s creativity!

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Specialty Wellness Services

Zen and Vitality hosts many different wellness oriented services but what about your unique needs? Human bodies and minds are complicated but wellness does not have to be. Read on to discover how Zoa provides specialized wellness support for a wide variety of humans!

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Where do I begin?

So many choices! It can be overwhelming. Let Zoa make things easier for you. Follow these 2 steps and you will be on your way to better days!

  • Step 1: Read about Zoa Conner and designing a wellness lifestyle
  • Step 2: Let’s schedule a time to chat and choose your first tiny step towards increased wellness. After that, the next step is always easier!
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