Maybe you are thinking …

What kind of movement will not hurt me? – movement is useful medicine only when done right

About your weight or blood sugar and you hear others talking about the importance of eating “healthy” – but you just can’t make the changes alone

Someone suggested you try yoga – but will it help you?

Sleep is important but you never seem to get enough sleep

Stress – so much stress – please make it go away!

This pain has got to stop and the doctors are still spinning their wheels

Surgery is given as your best solution but you are not interested in surgery

Another Physical Therapy session is over and you want more help not more exercises

You feel “stuck” in your health journey and need a new direction and a map

You can’t wait for your injury to heal – again!

You are in the right place. Zen and Vitality has so much to offer you – but it can be overwhelming to get started. Let’s talk and take a positive step towards feeling good again.

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Are You Ready?

Zen and Vitality supports daily and weekly wellness activities for people who are:

  • in the drivers’ seat of their wellness journey
  • looking to get on and stay on a path with natural, simple solutions
  • tired of saying no to life, relying on medications, and putting up with poor health
  • understand that humans are complex and their wellness problems are moreso!

Zoa’s healing approach is customized based on your starting point and your needs.

If you are ready to make lifestyle changes, we can go far together. How we begin, depends on your unique situation

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Where do I Begin?

All new clients follow the same process in the beginning. Becoming a new client involves these steps:

Step 1: Schedule a free 15 min New Client Consultation (in person or virtual) so we can see if we are interested in working together. If we both decide to move forward together, then …

Step 2: We meet for a First Session – a 25 minute private session – where I might teach you movement, we might discuss wellness to see how we align, and we figure out what it will take to be successful together. This is the beginning of your customized wellness work with Zoa!

Step 3: Your first month or two is spent experimenting to see what works for you and what does not. You might try a variety of classes. You might have 3 short privates. You might try sessions in the sauna, light therapy, vibration therapy, and more. I offer concrete, detailed suggestions but we decide together!

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Your Pathways Towards Wellness

There are a lot of options here for you! So many it can be overwhelming. Zoa guides you through the ocean of choices, keeping you afloat as needed, until you get your feet back under you and can run into your fabulous future!

After your first month of experimenting at Zen and Vitality, you will likely settle into one or more tracks to support your wellness lifestyle. As your needs change, so can your services and tracks. Flexibility is key to a long term Wellness Lifestyle.

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

If you are not ready to schedule just yet and need a bit of lurking time, consider signing up for one of my occasional newsletters!