Zen Bazaar

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Give the Gifts of Wellness and Movement! Check out the options and use the request form at the bottom of the page and Zoa will contact you when your order is ready for pickup.

V-Neck T-Shirt

Wear this smooth well fitting hemp and organic cotton T around town and show your love for Zen and Vitality! Shirt by Royal Apparel (size chart) and ecofriendly printing by Print Natural.


Tank Top

This unisex style & size Organic Cotton/Bamboo Tank is cool and airy; some opt into layering it or using a sports bra underneath. Shirt by Royal Apparel (size chart) and ecofriendly printing by Contempl8 T-shirts.


Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Stay cozy warm in this long sleeve organic cotton shirt with unisex styling and sizing from Royal Apparel (size chart). The ecofriendly printing is thanks to Chris at Contempl8 T-shirts.


More Shirt Options!

Choose your happy color! Choose from 3 styles – 2 T’s and a unisex women’s tank. Place your order before July 31 and the group order will be printed and shipped directly to you by Bonfire!

Custom Zen Skirt!

Zoa’s creativity and frugality has resulted in a custom created Zen skirt just for you! She takes one of the dark brown long sleeve organic cotton shirts, applies scissors and thread, and voila! A cute knee length skirt with curves and a soft fold-over waistband could be adorning your hips in no time 🙂

Gift Certificates

You may choose between a particular dollar value or a Movement / Wellness Package

Buy Gift Certificates


You may also buy one of our First Edition Mugs. A beautiful white ceramic mug with the Zen and Vitality logo on it could be the perfect gift for yourself or your Wellness Aficionado!


Stay-At-Home De-Stress Package

Self care is more important now than ever. This package reduces your stress level in 4 different ways:


Sensory Reduction

Crystal Therapy


1) Serenity® is a blend of essential oils from doTERRA designed to encourage restful sleep. I will prepare a roller bottle for you to apply this restful mix directly to the bottom of your feet as part of your bedtime ritual. 

2) A handmade soft eye pillow can help you tune out the world, rest the eyes, and calm the mind. It encourages you to withdraw from the stressful world and focus on your internal peace. 

3) Selenite is a crystal well known for protecting you from outside influences. It brings light where there is darkness within. I find mine very helpful over these last few weeks. Simply hold it in your (dry) hands. Rest it on your chest. Tuck it in your bra. Be creative. 

4) Meditation can happen anywhere, anytime with the new Audio Meditation Membership. Give yourself the gift of mental clarity and self love.

Grippy Socks by Tucketts™ Freedom for Toes™

Let your toes be free but your feet, ankles, and even legs be warm! Many colors are available. Styles include Anklet, Ballerina, Allegro, Knee High, and Leg Warmers. These are my favorites! Their color selection varies throughout the year. How fun!

$16/pair and a tad more for knee high and leg warmers

Rootbound Farm Soap

Now for sale! Lovingly made in La Plata from 3 simple ingredients plus “flavorings”, these bar soaps are divine. Ingredients: organic coconut oil, distilled water, and sodium hydroxide plus essential oils and homegrown organic herbs. Woody and Janine make delicious soap! Thank you Rootbound Farms


Arbonne Fizzy Sticks

Packed full of B vitamins which your body needs for energy, these fizzy sticks are a joy to our tongue and your brain. Pomegranate is a favorite flavor but there are several to choose from. Grab one stick for right now or get more to keep at home. More info

$2/each including tax

Arbonne Protein Shake Mix

Need a quick, healthy snack that has protein and makes you feel good? Try one of these shake mixes with tons of vitamins and minerals and enough protein to count as a full meal. Non-GMO or course! Just add water. More info

$4.25/packet including tax

Mama Bears Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is a winter and immunity staple in most wellness oriented households. Kate lovingly creates this delicious syrup from 2 simple ingredients: organic, wildcrafted elderberries and local wildflower honey from a honeybee restoration project.

Plain: $21/12 oz bottle including tax

Elderberry Gold sparkles with the addition of local organic red and black aronia berries, goji berries, and bilberries for added antioxidant and immune support.

Gold: $25/12 oz bottle including tax

Honey (sugar) free versions are available. More information available at Mama Bears Elderberries.

Mama Bears Elderberry Syrup
Mama Bears Elderberry Gold Syrup

Have you received an online gift certificate? Let Zoa help you get scheduled! Just contact her to get started.

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