Stress Relief

Stress. We all have it. We need it. Often times we have more than we want. It can affect your sleep, the comfort of your body, your mood, your appetite, your health, your relationships, your thinking, your weight, and your enthusiasm for life itself. Zen and Vitality with Zoa has many tools at your disposal to facilitate your stress reduction goals. Some days one tool will work, other days you need something different. Pick and choose what you need to feel great and have a relaxed day!

Meditation is my thing. But I’m not going to lie: sometimes I go into my closet and lock the door so no one can find me ~ Gwen Stefani

Infrared Sauna

Imagine lying in the sunshine. Feeling the heat. Listening to music or an audio book or just white noise. Enjoying the relaxing scent around you. Now imagine being able to do this in any weather, day or night, without needing to load up the car, make lunch for the kids, or do anything for anyone but you. Such is the opportunity that the Infrared Sauna gives. It relaxes you mentally and physically. It encourages healing and health. It is wonderful. Read more from Dr. Amy Meyers.


Yoga encourages balance and a focus on yourself. Using breath as a guide during your movement, stress will flow away and leave you with a peaceful feeling in both body and mind. Cortisol, the hallmark hormone of your body’s response to stress, will diminish as you practice yoga in a single session and progressively with consistent practice. Yoga builds your ability to step back, let the dust settle, and find yourself standing tall, bending rather than breaking, and being a source of light and love for the Universe. Zen Flow Yoga is a great place to begin. Read more from Psychology Today.


Have you ever zoned out while washing dishes? Lost yourself in your prayers? Found your mind calmer after a walk or a few focusses breaths? You meditated! This could be the tool that you use to shift your day towards positive, to reset how you interact with yourself and the world, to begin each morning with peace, or to ease yourself into a restful sleep. There are so many ways to meditate that Zoa is confident that there’s one out there for you! One way is to slip into the Meditation Cave for a few precious minutes of alone time. Another is to use the Meditation Audio Membership to create a chill feeling whenever you want. Try a free Meditation recording and see how you feel! Read more from the Mayo Clinic.


Your sense of smell is a powerful tool for stress release. When you gently sniff a new odor, you activate the parts of your brain which access memories, handle emotions, control higher thinking, and control your nervous system as a whole. Let’s put your sense of smell to the task of bringing you calm and peace and less stress! Essential oils provide clean, pure, therapeutic aromas straight from Mother Nature to your brain. Some common scents for stress relief are lavender, bergamot, and clary sage but there are so many to choose from and to blend! Meet with Zoa for a smell session to see which ones work for you then take them home to use consistently. Read more at Psychology Today.

Fascial Release

The body holds stress. It doesn’t matter whether it is physical stress from an intense workout or whether it is mental and emotional stress from trouble at home, too much work, not enough time, global pandemic, etc. Your fascial system is where the stress is held in the body. The same system is also sensory in nature. So your stressed body and mind make you sensitive and sometimes hurt. Softening and hydrating your fascia is a fabulous form of stress relief which is probably new to you. You can choose from the Fascial Movement classes or using the Fascia Releazer to laugh and vibrate your stress away! Read more from Lauren Roxburgh.

Red/Infrared Light Therapy

Natural light exposure to skin and eyes can make magic happen for you. Many of us do not get enough natural light but the Joovv Red/Infrared Light Therapy system can help. What can it help? For starters you use it in a private room, the Meditation Cave, while listening to music of your choice or a recorded guided meditation. That alone can be stress relieving! But the magic of the red lights is much more than that. Sleep is when we heal ourselves but stress disturbs sleep enough to stop or pause our healing and recovery from the day. Exposure to red lights in the evening can shift you towards an optimal sleep pattern and rock your world.

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. ~ John De Paola

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