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Wellness Lifestyle Approach: Natural Ways to Help You Deal with Stress Better

Stress. We all have it. We need it. Often times we have more than we want. Stress affects your sleep, the comfort of your body, your mood, your appetite, your health, your relationships, your thinking, your weight, and your enthusiasm for life itself. Living a wellness lifestyle with stress relief as a primary focus is crucial to feeling better not older!

A healthy emotional life offers plentiful smiles, high-fives, and laughter to go with the tears, disappointment, and anger that are a normal part of being human. Sometimes we find ourselves out of balance and in need of help getting back to center.

Whether you are dealing with a stressful job, a family illness or death, seasonal depression, or are just feeling blue, Zen and Vitality provides an array of stress relieving tools and activities – both online and in the La Plata, MD studio.

With these tools you will tune into your feelings, better deal with stress, live mindfully every day, shift your emotions when you need to, and boost your emotional well-being. Some days one tool will work, other days you need something different. Pick and choose what you need to feel great and have a relaxed day!

11 Therapeutic Tools for Stress Relief

Zoa helps you de-stress both online and in person at her La Plata, MD studio. Zoa would be delighted to meet with you about which tools are most likely to help you now and later.

  1. Infrared Sauna for Warming Relaxation
  2. Yoga for Stress Relief
  3. Meditation to Calm You When Stress Builds
  4. Aromatherapy for Quick Emotional Shift
  5. HeartMath for Improved Stress Resilience
  6. Fascial Release is Stress Release
  7. Light Therapy to Restore Energy and Improve Your Mood
  8. Sensate for Quick Stress Busting
  9. Brain Vitality Class for Efficient Stress Relief
  10. Healing Amber Necklace for Cellular-Level Stress Relief
  11. Stress Relief Through Quantum Physics

Keep reading about stress relief and the 11 therapeutic tools Zen and Vitality offers or skip ahead to Zoa’s Resources for Further Reading about stress and emotional well-being!

Relieve that Stress!
Stress can make you feel like exploding! Return to a balanced state and create resilience with Zen and Vitality’s stress management tools.

Meditation is my thing. But I’m not going to lie: sometimes I go into my closet and lock the door so no one can find me ~ Gwen Stefani

Therapy #1: Infrared Sauna for Warming Relaxation

Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna Dome at Zen and Vitality with Zoa
Slide into the Infrared Sauna and revel in the healing warmth

Imagine lying in the sunshine. Feeling the heat. Listening to music or an audio book or just white noise. Enjoying the relaxing scent around you.

Now imagine being able to do this in any weather, day or night, without needing to load up the car, make lunch for the kids, or do anything for anyone but you.

Such is the opportunity that the Infrared Sauna gives. It relaxes you mentally and physically. It encourages healing and health. It is wonderful.

Therapy #2: Yoga for Stress Relief

Zoa practicing a yoga asana - crescent moon

During a yoga practice, you tune out the world and tune into yourself. Using breath as a guide during your movement, stress will flow away and leave you with a peaceful feeling in both body and mind.

Yoga offers a nervous system reset through breath and movement. Yoga builds your ability to step back, let the dust settle, and find yourself standing tall, bending rather than breaking.

New and experienced practitioners alike find themselves with tears during or at the end of their practice – join the crowd of people releasing emotional tension through yoga!

Therapy #3: Meditation to Calm You When Stress Builds

Rock cairn encourages a meditative mindset

Have you ever zoned out while washing dishes? Lost yourself in your prayers? Found your mind calmer after a walk or a few focused breaths? You meditated!

Guided Meditation could be the tool that you use to shift your day towards positive, to reset how you interact with yourself and the world, to begin each morning with peace, or to ease yourself into a restful sleep.

There are so many ways to meditate that Zoa is confident that there’s one out there for you! Try a free Meditation recording and see how you feel!

Therapy #4: Aromatherapy for Quick Emotional Shift

Aromatherapy shift emotions and reduce stress

Aromatherapy offers a direct path for strong plant medicine to go straight to the brain, bypassing the bloodstream. The brain receives essential oils and almost immediately your mood, emotions, and mental processing changes. A little bit goes a long way since the plant medicine present in essential oils is so intense.

Your sense of smell is a powerful tool for stress release. When you gently sniff a new odor, you activate the parts of your brain which access memories, handle emotions, perform higher thinking, and control your nervous system as a whole.

Welcome to the world of plant medicine – there is so much to choose from! Meet with Zoa for a smell session to see which ones work for you then take them home to use consistently.

Therapy #5: HeartMath for Improved Stress Resilience

HeartMath Inner Balance Biofeedback Heart and Stress Trainer

HeartMath offers biofeedback in real time to help you slow your breathing, calm your nervous system, and get your mind to a more peaceful, less stressful place.

Using an app on your device, the HeartMath device encourages you to slow your heart rate, increase your heart rate variability, and establish greater heart coherence.

Science shows that real-time biofeedback is a great way to make changes to your breathing, thinking, and consequently your whole day!

Available for 4 week rental from the Everyday Self-Care Room for those in the La Plata, MD area!

Therapy #6: Fascial Release is Stress Release

Fascia binds the human body together and holds emotional and physical stress.

Your fascia system holds your mental, emotional, and physical tension in addition to providing sensory information to the brain and the rest of the body. Your fascia has a good memory for past injury and often creates pain, limits movement, and inhibits emotional balance.

Fascial release classes change all that. As we soften and hydrate your fascia, you shift from in pain to happy. You will move more freely and think more clearly. You will find evenness in the body and in life.

You can choose from the Fascial Release classes or using the Fascia Releazer in the Everyday Self-Care Room to laugh and vibrate your stress away!

Therapy #7: Light Therapy to Restore Energy and Improve Your Mood

Joovv Red/Infrared Light Therapy at Zen and Vitality

Natural light exposure to skin and eyes can make mood magic happen for you. Many of us do not get enough natural light but the Joovv Red/Infrared Light Therapy system gives you what you are missing.

The environment for your session (private Meditation Cave with a recorded guided meditation) alone can be stress relieving! The magic of the red lights is how your brain shifts your mood even before the lights turn off. Light Therapy stimulates the brain to bring you back into balance.

Sleep is when we heal ourselves but stress disturbs sleep enough to stop or pause our healing and recovery from the day. Exposure to red lights in the evening can shift you towards an optimal sleep pattern and rock your world.

Therapy #8: Sensate for Quick Stress Busting

Sensate Stress Reduction Wearable for Vagal Nerve Toning

Stress ramps you up. Sensate brings you back down. Sensate gently vibrates your rib cage near your heart while simultaneously providing you musical sounds via an app on your phone. Together, these stimulate your vagus nerve branch to calm both body and mind.

A single session calms your breathing, cools your body, and clears your thinking enabling you to speak with love and live a slower pace for the rest of the day.

Available for 4 week rental from the Everyday Self-Care Room for those in the La Plata, MD area!

Therapy #9: Brain Vitality Class for Efficient Stress Relief

Improve brain function with Brain Vitality Class

This brain focused class incorporates breathing, movement, and meditation to stimulate and calm your brain for increased function and adaptability. In the course of a single hour you will expand your breathing, move your entire body, increase your blood flow, think about your body in new ways, and meditate to settle and focus on what’s important! This class will relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress all at the same time!

Therapy #10: Healing Amber Necklace for Cellular-Level Stress Relief

Healing Amber Necklace

Amber has a long history of being used for pain relief and creating a sense of calm. In the US, amber is most used to sooth teething and colicky babies. The science behind this folk remedy has to do with chemical signalling between cells – ignoring the brain and nervous system.

This necklace contains enough natural amber from the Baltic Sea (Lithuania) to provide a strong dosage of adult-sized stress relief when worn directly on the skin. This choker style lays beautifully just below the collarbone for most people.

Therapy #11: Stress Relief Through Quantum Physics

HEAL Capsule by Leela Quantum Tech

Our body, mind, and cells are under constant stress and sometimes need help to deal with it better. Enter Quantum Physics – it works whether or not you understand or believe in it! Depending on your sources of stress, you might benefit from the Inner Peace card or the Sleep and Rest card. Perhaps your body needs help resetting with the help of a H.E.A.L. Capsule. These quantum physics tools slowly and gently shift you towards a greater state of health and wellbeing when you let them!

Reading Resources About Stress and Emotions

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Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. ~ John De Paola

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