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Injury Recovery and Post Rehab Support

Being hurt is no fun. Being in pain is even less fun!

Is this you? You are angry at yourself for falling and scared that you will do it again. You used to be stronger with better balance.

Is this you? Your graduation walk out of your Physical Therapy office leaves you feeling only 60% better. Yes your injury has healed but your whole body is clumsier than you used to be. This can’t be your new normal.

Wellness Lifestyle Approach: Every Part of your Body Participates in Your Full Recovery

When you are injured, there is no reason for the rest of your body or your mind to be without safe movement options. Zoa’s expertise in working with post rehab clients means that you can rest and heal the parts that need it while still challenging your brain, focusing on your breath, creating strength, and staying comfortable throughout the rest of you.

Under Zoa’s watchful guidance, you will be able to move safely, build strength, increase flexibility, organize mindful body movement, and create optimal movement patterns to minimize future injuries. All movement plans will be prepared in coordination with any medical advice/limits you are following.

Zoa will teach you, keep you honest, add challenge in “just right” steps, adjust for your ever changing limitations, and give options for you to choose between. Never a dull moment, are you ready to feel 100% again?

6 Injury Healing Therapies at Zen and Vitality

Zoa can support your injury recovery either in person at her La Plata, MD are studio or online. Keep reading and request time to talk about how we can work together to speed along your recovery to 100%!

When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it defeat you, or you can let it strengthen you.” ~ Unknown

Therapy #1: Rehabilitation Focused Guided Exercise

Zoa's Post Rehab Specialist Certification

When recovering from an injury or surgery, we will address more than the problem area. We will work on

  • hydration of your tissues
  • the mental and emotional elements to your movements
  • the spring and tensile strength of your connective tissue
  • the patterns of muscular engagement
  • the design of your unique body
  • Oh and muscle strength too!

Therapy #2: Light Therapy to Raise Your Energy Level for Healing

Zoa during a Light Therapy Session

Near infrared and red light therapy are little known tools that speed wound healing, increase collagen production, modulate inflammation, improve blood flow, and enhance cellular regeneration. Sounds like a great recipe for healing an injury!

You can get all this in two ways at Zen and Vitality. One is a handheld tool called the LumiNIR Wand so you can target the light therapy precisely where you need it. The other is a whole body Joov Red Light Therapy system where you stand and treat all of your exposed skin.

Whether you are dealing with a simple cat scratch, a complex shoulder surgery, or a torn hamstring red light therapy is a terrific healing tool!

Therapy #3: Fascial Release to Prevent Stiffness

Zoa Using a Fascial Release Prop

Fascia, the sensory, communication, and tension network that runs throughout your body, has a long memory for injuries. Fascia that has been torn or cut from injury or surgery dries out and becomes disorganized. We call the result – scar tissue.

Hydrating fascia near the injury and encouraging proper communication with the rest of the body and brain are key to minimizing current and future problems. When you incorporate fascial release into your recovery plans, your body will be happy again!

Therapy #4: Infrared Sauna For Increased Blood Flow

Zoa in the Infrared Sauna

Recovery is hard. The Infrared Sauna can make it easier and quicker. Taking a short 30 min rest in the sauna builds enough heat in the body to

  • increase blood flow (and thereby oxygen) to your injury
  • stimulate your mitochondria to turn on tissue growth and repair
  • reduce pain levels by calming your nervous system
  • decrease inflammation to allow better healing.

Weekly or more frequent sessions can make a huge difference in your recovery time and comfort during the process.

Therapy #5: Pilates for Supple and Strong Joints

Zoa Practicing Yoga

Pilates Equipment exercises strengthen the deep, stabilizing muscles that keep joints moving smoothly and safely. These are muscles of stamina since they work all day to hold you together, maintain your posture, and prepare for motion.

Yes, you need power muscles to lift heavy things (and bodies are heavy things!), but you need these “Pilates muscles” to move safely!

Private sessions can be used to strengthen around a joint in preparation for surgical intervention, for rehabilitation after surgery, and for avoiding surgery in certain cases!

A Personal Vitality Plan provides 3 months of ongoing private support and consultations along with exercises done at home to get you where you want to be!

Therapy #6: Vibration Therapy for Quicker, Safer Recovery

Vibration Therapy

When you are recovering from an injury or surgery, you need to work your muscles and your connective tissue around the area (your tendons and ligaments). You also need to maintain connections between the injuried area and the rest of the body and the brain. Vibration therapy is the perfect tool here!

The vibration plate jiggles and wiggles whatever body part you put on it in every direction possible. It wiggles fast enough that a 9 minute session is like an hour long workout for the body. Happy clients have vibrated their way to great recovery from injuries to the shoulder, knee, ankle, and much more!

The more injuries you get, the smarter you get. ~ Mikhail Baryshnikov


I have been a student of Zoa’s for about a year and a half now. I take her pilates and yoga classes. I appreciate the way Zoa works with each person depending on their needs. I always thought that I couldn’t do yoga because of my limitations with my knees, but I am doing it now. I added the weekly yoga class that will work for my knees thanks to Zoa! I have enjoyed my relationship, advice, and instruction I have received in Zoa’s classes and look forward to working with her in the years to come.

Debra G., Enjoying her less cranky knees


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