Hi, my name is Zoa. I am a scientist, a problem solver, an educator, a wellness guide, an unschooling/homeschooling mother, a movement teacher, a small business owner, and much more!

I strive to be the best version of “me” that I can and to improve myself in new ways all the time.

I am a life long learner of things that interest me and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with you!

Zen and Vitality is the brainchild of Zoa and a one woman show. As a discerning consumer concerned about your own wellness, you want to make sure that we are a good match and will work well together to improve your wellness.

Brief Life Story

Graduation cap

When I was growing up I split my time between dancing (and teaching it) and the math/logic parts of school. I rushed through school, college, and grad school eager to learn in depth about the scientific world. My PhD in Physics took me around the world to lecture and learn. The experiment I worked on earned the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics and our leader won the Nobel Prize in 2015.

Mother and Child with flower

My mind requested new directions and I happily obliged! Entreé to fields like babies, whole foods cooking, natural childbirth, permaculture gardening, homeschooling, breastfeeding, personal environmental activism, and then finally back to movement. I found yoga, then Pilates, and discovered the wonders of the fascial system in our bodies.

Wellness Learning

Functional Wellness threw herself into my life like a hurricane when I discovered our house was moldy and the immense impact on my daughter’s physical and brain health. Much learning ensued as I uncovered a whole new way to view the complex body. I curated the wide array of wellness tools and healing modalities her chronic mold detox required and guided her journey back to optimal health.

I kept learning.

I expanded.

Now, I blend all aspects of my past into a wellness centered present.

I look forward to sharing what I know and how I think with you!

Movement Teaching Qualifications

Functional Wellness Expertise

Client Experience

Zoa has been a part of my personal health and wellness for over a year now. She gets me there. What I mean is that though I’ve practiced Yoga and Pilates for years, she truly helps me to connect mind and body and really considers me as a person and an athlete.

She always meets me where I am at (if doing a private session) and what I need right then. I am able to get in the zone to restore, recover, and strengthen.

When it was discovered months ago that I had atlas subluxation, she worked in tandem with me and my upper cervical chiropractor as part of my recovery. It’s working because I am holding my adjustments most times.

Now that I am back to powerlifting, I must continue to incorporate Yoga, Pilates (STOTT, specifically), and fascial movement in order to recover mentally and physically as well as strengthen and keep everything mobile.

As a result, I am more balanced and am better and stronger with my lifts. I also feel less stressed, more refreshed, and sleep better! Thanks to Zoa for being an integral part of keeping me mentally and physically healthy!

Karen K, Personal Trainer and Power Lifter

Memberships and Charitable Giving

Zoa puts her money where her mouth is and funds her priorities. As an engaged member of 1% for the planet, she has donated 1% of Zen and Vitality’s gross income to protect wild places on earth and support the environment. She is an active member in her local business community and supports local non-profits.