Metabolic fitness is complicated and a crucial part of your Wellness Lifestyle when you want to avoid lifestyle diseases (like diabetes and cardiovascular disease), remain independent of “forever” medication, and strive to feel better not older.

At Zen and Vitality, a CAROL bike helps you to improve your metabolic fitness by using artificial intelligence to offer short, effective, personalized workouts for your unique body.

CAROL Bike for Fast Metabolic Fitness at Zen and Vitality

A Bike with Artificial Intelligence

CAROL bikes are not your average bike, as the name will explain. CAROL stands for CARdiovascular Optimization Logic – how scientific!

You have probably heart of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. This type of workout involves you alternating pushing yourself hard for a short amount of time with taking a short rest. On a CAROL Bike, artificial intelligence is used to get the most gain for your body with the smallest amount of time and effort possible. This Reduced Effort HIIT training is called a REHIT workout. It takes 5-8.5 minutes using the REHIT workout setting on a CAROL bike to accomplish the same metabolic work as an hour on a normal bike.

A CAROL bike knows how to challenge you without hurting you. It will monitor your heart rate and variability, your fitness and performance, and your improvement as you keep riding over the course of months. Whether you have not exercised in years, follow a regular exercise program, or are a professional athlete, CAROL REHIT workouts are perfect for you.

A Workout for Your Metabolism

One of the most appealing traits of a CAROL bike, is how it can easily and efficiently create the hormonal stimulus that tells your body to use all the energy stored in your muscles so you have to replenish it from your blood stream or your fat. Every REHIT session helps increase your body’s desire to convert your fat (stored energy) into usable energy for right now. Don’t be surprised at all when your blood markers such as LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose go down because your metabolic health goes up! You can always request a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis to find out more about what your blood is telling you – but do not hold back on getting started with your REHIT sessions on the CAROL bike!

CAROL Bike Session Policies

Sessions on the CAROL bike have some unique features compared to the other Wellness Services in my La Plata, MD area studio.

  • Use of the CAROL Bike is limited to 7 individuals each month. You will be expected to request to be one of the 7 participants each calendar month or yield your space in order to allow someone else a chance. Participants in the In-Studio Metabolic Wellness Program take priority when selecting the 7 CAROL Bike users for the month.
  • Everyone will need a CAROL Bike orientation session with me prior to scheduling a REHIT session. You will simply schedule a 15 minute Wellness Consult with me!
  • Since the CAROL Bike and the Infrared Sauna share a room, please bring headphones or earbuds to wear so you can gain the full CAROL Bike experience while honoring the experience of those in the Sauna.
  • For many individuals, you will gain more from your REHIT session if you plan on a warm up and a release to accompany your REHIT session. Examples might be a Red/Infrared Light session or a walk before your REHIT session and a Vibration Therapy session afterwards.