Why use an Infrared Sauna? Warmth. Heat. Sweat. Detoxification. Improved circulation. Stimulated immune system. Increased lymph flow. Heart health. Nourishment. Healing. Pain Relief. Rest. Reset. They can all be yours! All you need to do it lie down and let the Infrared Sauna do the work.

Clearlight Curve Dome

This particular sauna was selected because of its energy efficient hybrid carbon and ceramic heaters, low EMF shielding, gentle and even heat delivery to your body, and its optimal wavelength and intensity for healing and revitalization. It provides far IR light only (near IR is available via the LumiNIR Wand).

Infrared Sauna Experience

Let this sauna be your personal heat source and give you much needed relaxation time. Settle yourself on the massage table with the heated pad under you and the domes on top. You can lie on your back or on your belly (using the massage face rest). Some can even lie on their sides comfortably!

When you slide into the Sauna Dome, you can imagine yourself lying in the sun, on a beach, or anywhere you like! The heated pad under you provides adjustable warmth to get deep into your core. The two curved sections glide past each other allowing you easy entry and exit from the sauna. It is like sliding into a sleeping bag but no sticks and stones under you!

Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna Dome at Zen and Vitality with Zoa


Sauna Benefits


Sauna Etiquette

What to Expect

  • Drink 4+ oz of water prior to arriving for your session.
  • Your phone goes on silent and sits on the phone shelf in the room or better yet, stays in the lobby.
  • Please remove all watches and jewelry .
  • Expect to sweat if the sauna settings you choose are high enough to raise your core temperature to sweat level.
  • You can wear your workout clothes if you wish, but the sauna experience will be more beneficial if you wear a swimsuit. Nude is not acceptable.
  • Chilled moist towels are available to use after if you choose.

What to Bring With You!

  1. A lotion, oil, and fragrance free body ready to relax
  2. 2 towels for under your body to absorb your sweat
  3. A towel for under your head
  4. A towel to dry off with
  5. A swimsuit if you plan to maximize your heating experience
  6. A change of clothes if you don’t want to leave sweaty
  7. A water bottle for afterwards – hydration is important! Please drink 8 oz of water soon after the end of your sauna session.
  8. Earbuds and music/audiobook/other relaxing thing or you can enjoy the white noise provided

Sauna Cautions

  • Those under the age of 16 must receive approval to use the sauna and are often limited to 15 minute sessions
  • Pregnant women should not take their core body temperature above 100 degrees based on National Institutes of Health recommendations.
  • New mothers, including those breastfeeding benefit from infrared sauna usage with Doctor approval.
  • Sauna use is not advisable if you are still under the effects of alcohol (hangover included!) as it affects your ability to perceive heat.
  • The massage table (with the Curve Dome on it) holds up to 350 lbs of person!

Sauna How To

  • Start Slowly! 15 minute sessions at first that increase to 30 minutes at a time
  • Use the warm up time – heat your body alongside the sauna to minimize temperature shock to your system
  • The best sauna times are first thing in the morning and before bed, but anytime is better than none!
  • You might not sweat at the beginning. This is normal. Work up to it!
  • Ultimately, you will enjoy the warmth for 20-30 minutes after you start sweating and the sauna is up to temperature.
  • If you feel light headed, queasy, or start to get a headache, turn off the sauna, slide it away from you, text Zoa, and let your body cool.
  • Your heart rate will rise. You can monitor it with the heart rate monitor located on the shelf in the Wellness Room. A rise of up to 30% above your resting heart rate is normal but you may want to keep it smaller than that.
  • Fat and cellulite starts to break up at your body temperature of 100.5º or so.
  • Keep your body temperature at 102º or below. Stay safe Brain!
  • Head home and take a shower!


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