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Raw Vegetable Juices

Everybody knows that you should eat your fruits and vegetables because they are full of good things for you. Juicing is one of the best ways to get vitamins and minerals straight from the plant and into your body with the least amount of work for your digestive system. Drinking your fruits and vegetables can be a regular part of your chosen diet or can be used every so often as a way to reset your body systems. Zen and Vitality now offers you access to the best local juices around with easy weekly pickup – along with your vegetables, grains, and flowers! Enter Chef Terrance and Meallenial Living’s JUICE Si!

Local Chef Terrance Murphy from Meallennial Living stands under an apple tree in my front yard permaculture food garden holding 2 bottles of raw vegetable juice - Beet Breeze and Tri-Greens.
Meet Chef Terrance Murphy with his Juice Si

Chef Terrance uses local, organic, in season fresh vegetables and fruits to make delicious and nutritious cold-pressed juices formulated for your health and wellbeing. Created by a classically trained chef and adapted to your particular likes and needs, the taste, color, flavor, and nutritive combinations of these juices are outstanding. Made fresh and brought to Zen and Vitality on the same day (Wednesdays!) for your pickup, these juices maintain their vitality (and yours!) for 5 days when kept chilled.

Each Thursday, an order is placed with Chef Terrance so he can create your juices. He then visits the local farms to pick up the vegetable and fruit supplies to make your juices. The following Tuesday, he juices and blends for us, brings the finished product to Zen and Vitality, and they are ready to drink right away. Pickup should occur by the end of the day Thursday so you get the most days possible to imbibe this healthful nectar. In order to meet his minimum order requirements of 10 juices, Zen and Vitality is assembling each of your small orders into a group order; Zoa is bringing wellness to us all in the best ways possible! Interested? Talk to Zoa about joining in! Need a juice sample before committing – just ask! Want to get more info on Chef Terrance, Juice Si, or order directly from him? Not seeing what you want? Perhaps it will appear in the upcoming seasonal specialty flavors. By all means, contact Chef Terrance and let him customize your juices to meet your taste and needs!

Carrot-Naranja Juice-Si

A bottle of fresh, raw, organic, cold-pressed carrot juice with orange, turmeric, black seed oil, black pepper, and cayenne.

Juiced Carrots blended with fresh squeezed orange juice, ginger & turmeric juice, black seed oil, & a dash of cayenne & black pepper. You can request this to be very spicy or just a bit of spice. Enjoy this delicious way to start your day with Vitamin A, C, anti-inflammatories, and circulation stimulators.

Celery Root Beer Juice-Si

A bottle of fresh, raw, organic, cold-pressed celery juice mixed with apple, ginger, and lime.

Celery blended with heirloom apples & juiced ginger root  with a splash of lime juice. This blend offers you a way to drink your way to lower blood pressure, increased magnesium intake, Vitamins C, B, and A, and a toxin flush. The ginger juice helps reduce pain and is anti-inflammatory as well.

Tri-Green Juice-Si

A bottle of fresh, raw, organic, cold-pressed juice made from three different green leaf varieties blended with celery, apple, and lemon juice.

This brilliant green drink contains three (3) varieties of green leafy veggies combined with celery, heirloom apples, & a splash of lemon juices. Kale, Spinach, Collards is a typical Spring mix for this juice. Summer brings greens like sweet potato and callaloo. Each week is different because that’s normal when you eat and drink seasonally! All the greens in this jar will get your brain and body buzzing without caffeine or other artificial boost. It is a great way to start the day!

Beet Breeze Juice-Si

A bottle of fresh, raw, organic, cold-pressed beet juice blended with pineapple and a bit of lemon juice.

Iron rich Beets blended with fresh Pineapple juice, & a splash of lemon juice. This gloriously colored juice is good for your heart and blood pressure, improves the efficiency of your mitochondria (your energy powerhouses), increase blood flow to the brain, offers a great source of Vitamin C, and tastes sweet to me! Consider this juice if you are dealing with anemia, migraines, or continued low energy.

Seasonal Juice-Si

Seasonal Juice Choices only last as long as the ingredients are available locally – typically a few weeks and then on to the next one!

  • April-May: Asparagus-Mint-Pineapple
  • June-July: Miami Verde (Cucumber-Cilantro-Radish-Garlic-Grape-Lime)
  • July-August: M&M (Watermelon, Mint, Lime, and local Bee Pollen)
  • September-October: ButterPumpkin-Spice (Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Bok or Pok Choi, Pear, Ginger, Cinnamon, Allspice, & Nutmeg)
  • November-December: Cabbage-Cranberry-Pear with a hint of rosemary and a dash of grapefruit **$2 extra — this transitions to CPP – Cabbage-Pomegranate-Pear-Grapefruit when the cranberries are out of season

Butter(nut) Pumpkin Pie Spice (PPS) Juice-Si

Description Coming Soon

Bottles of Butternut Pumpkin Pie Spice juice and Cabbage-Cranberry-Pear flavors of fresh, raw, organic, cold-pressed juices.

A-Cabbage, A-Cranberry, and a Pear Tree (CCP) Juice-Si

Cabbage is a powerhouse of Vitamin C and K – one of the richest on the planet. Vitamin C is damaged by heat, so raw is the most nutritive form. Cranberries offer more Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and is known to keep the kidneys healthy and reduce the chance of a bladder infection. Rosemary not only rounds out the flavor notes but its acetycholine content is scientifically known to increase cognitive function and fight the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. Now CCP includes grapefruit juice too for healthy metabolic function.

Want to know the current in-season option? Just ask Zoa or look on the order sheet below!

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is a gut healthy, nutrient rich style of bread that delight the taste buds and the belly equally. Chef Terrance from Meallenial Living’s JUICE Si creates his sourdough bread from his unique starter culture and a few basic all natural, organic, locally grown ingredients. These 2.2 lb loaves are baked fresh and delivered the same day! What makes these loaves so special? Sourdough bread is only as good as the fermentation. Chef Terrance’s sourdough starter is 4 years old and has traveled to the beaches in North Carolina in order to further diversify the bacterial colonization within the culture. A full 24-48 hours of fermenting (depending on the room temperature) guarantees a rich full body flavor to this bread unlike no other! This long fermentation time allows better enzyme development within the wheat flour. By observing this technique, the nutritional profile of this bread is higher and its proteins and carbohydrates are more bioavailable than in most store-bought breads. All that is to say that this is some healthy bread that is beneficial for your gut and your brain!

How can a nation be great if their bread tastes like kleenex? ~ Julia Childs

Sourdough Bread Ingredients

  • 70% – 30% blend of Arrowhead Mills organic non bleached flour and freshly ground whole grain organic wheat flour grown in Newburg, Maryland by Next Step Produce
  • Grass-fed milk – Organic of course & non-homogenized when available
  • Water
  • Butter – Organic Valley, Kerrygold Organic or another unsalted organic variety as available
  • Salt – kosher and non-iodized
  • Honey from Singers Glen, VA
  • Chef Terrance’s special 4 year old sourdough starter culture
  • 24-48 hours of fermenting than baking is what it takes to make this delicious loaf of sandwich style bread.

Future flavors may include potatoes and farm fresh eggs. This Sandwich style bread is soft and perfect for spreading and layering foods atop. If you prefer a crusty style of bread, who knows what the future will hold for Chef Terrance!

A loaf of fresh sourdough sandwich bread (plain flavor) ready to be sliced.

Chef-Brewed Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented beverage known around the world. Chef Terrance from Meallenial Living’s JUICE Si crafts kombucha with love, positive energy, and superior ingredients to what you can find in a big grocery store. Kombucha begins with organic green, black, and oolong teas which are then enhanced with organic herbals & root teas such as maca, cordyceps, holy basil etc for nutrition and flavor. Organic cane sugar is added for the fermentation process (none gets to us!). He maintains a continuous fermentation environment of the bacteria/yeast culture and his Plain Kombucha is the result. Drinking this naturally carbonated beverage is a fabulous way to support your gut health which in turn supports your brain health. Did you know that your belly and your brain were that connected? A second fermentation involves adding organic juices, fruits, and spices and using wine making techniques to create a more diverse culture and richer, more interesting flavors. His continuous brewing creates more beneficial gut acids (gluconic & glucoronic) than other brewing techniques.

Questions about whether and how to add Kombucha to your diet in order to help heal your gut? Schedule a Nutrition Quickie session with Zoa!

All Disease Begins in The Gut. – Hippocrates

Two bottles of locally brewed kombucha - pomegranata clove flavor and pumpkin spice flavor. Gut healthy bacteria in a sparkling delicious beverage.

Plain Kombucha

Enjoy the simple flavor of a chef-created blend of black, green, and oolong teas as the base of this delicious fermented drink. Less calories too!

Pomegranate & Clove Kombucha

You can see the pomegranate seeds floating in the bottom of the bottle and taste them pleasing your tongue! The clove and allspice expands and deepens the flavor profile.

Pumpkin Spice Kombucha

Butternut squash and pumpkin pie spices entice you to drink your way to healthy gut flora!

Kiwi Lime Kombucha

Local Organic Kiwi are the vitamin C rich star of this Holiday Flavor!

Pear Ginger Rosemary Kombucha

Pear Ginger Rosemary Kombucha

This warming, brain healthy, winter flavor puts a smile on your face.

Chef Terrance’s Fees and Ordering Details


Juices are $11 each for a 16 oz jar. Some of the seasonal flavors are an extra $2. Return of these bottles to be sanitized and reused is expected in accordance with Zen and Vitality’s environmental wellness philosophy. A $1 bottle fee is assessed for broken bottles or ones not able to be returned. A $1 pickup fee is added to the juice cost per order. Wellness Members enjoy free pickup service on their orders.

Sourdough Bread

Chef Terrance ferments and bakes no more than 5 loaves a week fresh (for us!) and brings it to Zen and Vitality weekly. Because the sourdough culture must be fed and a loaf must be crafted for you, please plan on pre-paying when you order or ASAP afterwards.

One loaf of sourdough sandwich bread costs $9 each for the plain flavor and $10 each for a loaf generously seeded with sesame/pumpkin/poppy seeds. A $1 pickup fee is added to the bread cost per order. Wellness Members enjoy free pickup service on their orders.


Made fresh and brought to Zen and Vitality on weekly, kombucha maintains its nutritional vitality indefinitely when kept chilled. Fermentation will continue in your refrigerator but at a very slow rate. Chef Terrance suggests you completely use the bottle within 30 days. Kombucha is sold in 32 oz hermetically sealed glass bottles. Return of these bottles to be sanitized and reused is expected in accordance with Zen and Vitality’s environmental wellness philosophy. Because your kombucha order must be crafted for you, please plan on pre-paying and allowing 1.5 weeks between ordering and delivery. Like any carbonated beverage, it will lose its fizz when the bottle is opened and closed repeatedly. Even flat, this kombucha will taste delicious and will enhance your gut flora.

One 32 oz bottle of kombucha costs $16 each for the plain flavor and $18 each for fruity flavors. A $1 bottle fee is assessed for broken bottles or ones not able to be returned. A $1 pickup fee is added to the bread cost per order. Wellness Members enjoy free pickup service on their orders.

If there’s one thing to know about the human body; it’s this: the human body has a ringmaster. This ringmaster controls your digestion, your immunity, your brain, your weight, your health and even your happiness. This ringmaster is the gut. ~ Nancy Mure

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