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Hormones make your personal world go ’round! Loss of hormones puts you into a downward spiral.

Is this you? You dream of getting just one night of good sleep. Your sex life is a distant memory. You are having “senior moments” and getting “soft around the middle”. You used to think so clearly. Getting older stinks!

Hormones are your body’s way of sending messages from one part to another. They need to be created, carried around, and received. You do not have to live for decades with your menopausal or andropausal symptoms, feeling the effects of aging. Tuning up your hormones system and offering a bit of hormonal help is a delightful way to feel better not older!

Wellness Lifestyle Approach: Tune up and Turn up Your Hormone Status

The human body contains an orchestra of hormones that all participate in your body’s beautiful song of life. Loss or overabundance of any single hormone shifts the song and you may not like it anymore! Hormonal balance creates the most pleasing song and an optimal body state with which you will sing and dance your way through life. I view your hormonal journey as a 4 step process.

Step 1: Address your stress level and resilience to stress – your stress hormones are bossy and will steal the jobs of other hormones in their valiant effort to keep you alive long enough to get rid of the things creating stress! Work on reducing your stressors and improving how you handle unavoidable stress.

Step 2: Address your blood sugar level and insulin resistance – insulin’s job is to store fat. Don’t kill the messenger here! Fix the need to send the message to begin with. Work on your diet and the ability of your cells to make energy for your body.

Step 3: Address your toxic load – In the modern world, we are all toxic. What is your personal toxic load? I do not know. How are your hormones affected by your toxins? A LOT. Work on avoiding new toxins and removing the ones your body is holding onto.

Step 4: Replenish your hormone levels and your ability to use them – If your hormone levels are low, let’s get you some more! I want you to supplement with the lowest dose that actually works. If you are having trouble making use of the hormones that you have, let’s improve your efficiency! I want you to make the best use you can of the hormones that you have.

Who Needs Hormone Replacement & Replenishment?

Hormone replenishment is ideal for many types of people including:

  • a woman experiencing perimenopausal symptoms like hot flashes, loss of sleep quality, and swings in energy/mood
  • a man waking to pee every night
  • a woman whose last menstrual cycle was more than a few years ago
  • a man or woman or who is struggling to create a baby naturally

You just need a personalized approach – particularly if you are trying to accomplish all 4 steps of your hormone journey at once!

Hormone Replenishment Products

We will be exploring and experimenting with bioidentical hormones and nutraceuticals/herbs/adaptogens that increase hormone utilization in your cells. Bioidentical simply means the chemical structure of the replacement hormone is precisely the same form that your body makes. There is no substitute or “close enough” when it comes to hormones.

I am a Menopause Hormone Literate practitioner. All hormone products are over the counter products created by Quicksilver Scientific and purchased through my store. They are liposomal formulations of superb quality supported by lab testing. The bottles contain more than just hormones. They also contain time tested herbal ingredients that improve your ability to use the hormones. The following bioidentical hormones are available:

QSI Menopause Hormone Literacy Seal

Earned by Zoa in Jan 2024

  • Drinkable DHEA which your body turns into testosterone and supports energy
  • Topical Progesterone (calming and sleep supporting)
  • Topical Estriol (gentle, non-growth oriented estrogen targeting urinary and pelvic floor health)
  • Topical Estradiol (stronger estrogen crucial for cognitive, bone, and heart health)

Bioidentical hormone products that are topical (applied to the skin) get absorbed directly into the blood stream. Liposomal delivery ensures that all the hormones is absorbed and not wasted. This is the safest and most effective option.

3 Month Support Plan for Hormone Replenishment

As your hormone literate wellness practitioner, I will share my knowledge as I guide you through this challenging part of life. When we work together on replenishing your hormones, your fabulous cognitive and physical health are the goals.

Expensive testing is not required to get started, because we will be using how you feel and your symptoms as our guides. Testing to determine if you have reached a good maintenance dose can be a good idea.

Bioidentical Hormone Replenishment Support at Zen and Vitality with Zoa

You will add one bioidentical hormone at a time to your body so you will understand what each one does for you. I will advise you every step of the way!

You will have a symptom chart to use to as we determine your optimal hormone dosages.

You will be provided with a daily hormone log to use as you establish this new wellness habit!

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