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Some say blood is life. I say blood brings nutrients crucial to life to your cells. Your blood should bathe your cells in essential nutrients for life and remove harmful things to your liver and kidneys for excretion. Does your blood do that? A functional blood chemistry analysis will tell you.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis at Zen and Vitality with Zoa

What Can A Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Tell You?

A well informed functional blood chemistry analysis can uncover such details as:

  • Are you chronically dehydrated?
  • Which vitamins and minerals are you deficient in?
  • What are your inflammation levels?
  • What type of anemia do you have?
  • Are you eating enough protein to sustain your body?
  • How well are your liver and kidneys working?
  • How well are you processing fats?
  • How effective are your built in detox processes?

How Do You Use a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis?

Your blood tells a story of your state of wellness or lack there of. Since your blood is constantly changing, any blood test reflects a snapshot in time of the state of your body. The contents of your blood are highly controlled by your body’s systems and organs. When your body can no longer properly regulate the levels of the various contents of your blood, you have a problem – Zoa Conner and Functional Wellness to the rescue! If your body gets even more dysregulated, a functional medicine doctor might be needed to help as well but your Wellness Lifestyle is likely to still be the first piece to your feeling better puzzle.

When you go to a doctor and blood tests are done, do you hear more than “everything’s fine” or “let’s do more tests”? If yes, please share the name of your doctor with me – I want to meet this person! You deserve to receive not only the exact results, but also detailed feedback on your current state of health, diet, and downward or upward trends to your health and well-being. A functional blood chemistry analysis purposely gives you those important details so you can make diet and lifestyle adjustments to feel better not older.

Blood Reference Ranges for Wellness

When you look at your blood test results, there is always a reference range given. That conventional reference range is the spread in marker values considered “normal” for you and all the ill people that get blood tests from the company. Do you really want to be compared to someone who feels poorly most of the time, is fine with taking a variety of medications as their body fails, or who eats the Standard American Diet?

Functional wellness and functional medicine practitioners use a different set of ranges for blood test marker results as they are concerned with helping your body be the healthiest it can be – not “managing a disease state”. For example, LabCorp’s reference range for the sodium content of your blood is 134-144. The functional range I use is 137-142. The optimal level for your body is 141. These very narrow windows indicate optimal function. When you fall out of that window, it’s is like having a flat tire on a car. Yes you can keep driving, but should you? Or should you stop and perform some maintenance?

Getting Your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Receiving a functional and nutritional analysis of your blood is a simple process. I can work with your existing blood test results – ideally several tests over the course of up to several years. The more data you have to share, the more information we can uncover about how well your body is doing and if it is receiving everything is needs to work at a high level. Your body sends messages in a variety of ways – your blood chemistry is but one.

As I strive to feel better not older and to be as healthy as possible now and my future, I want to know:

  • if my blood levels are at suboptimal values and priming me for dysfunction and disease in the future. For example, an optimal blood magnesium level is 2.2. Low magnesium is a contributing factor to chronic pain, low energy, and poor ability to control blood sugar levels.
  • if I am headed down a path towards a diagnosis while there is still time to choose another path towards wellness.
  • what changes to make so my body gets what it needs to keep me feeling fabulous and enjoying life for as long as I desire.

Do you? If so, let’s talk more. We can meet in virtually or in person at my La Plata, Maryland wellness studio.

To get an even more complete picture of your current wellness state, combine your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis with a Hair Mineral Analysis. Zoa’s Functional Wellness Roadmap includes both of these tests and 3 months of guidance as you step closer to optimal health from the inside out!


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