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Back Pain Services

Back pain affects 80% of Americans at some point in their life, even when you strive to maintain a wellness lifestyle.

Is this you? You nervously bend over in your chair – ever fearful of that the simple act of putting on socks will make your back seize up leaving you in a puddle unable to move or think.

Constant back pain affects your energy level, enthusiasm for life, and ability to think. Nearby muscles hold tension in their efforts to turn off the pain. Movement and stillness both become challenging and uncomfortable at best.

Wellness Lifestyle Approach: Daily Actions to Naturally Reduce and Eliminate Back Pain

In times of back pain, many of us are looking for both the cause and ways to make it stop! Luckily, Zen and Vitality has many non-pharmaceutical options for you to utilize in your journey away from back pain and towards feeling better not older. Reducing inflammation, encouraging healing, and shifting the mind away from the pain response are all wellness lifestyle approaches that help when you are experiencing pain.

During the good times, your wellness lifestyle supports active work to prevent future back pain. For the spine, hips, and shoulders, stability and strength work compliment flexibility work to minimize back pain related to inappropriate muscle tension. Maintaining low inflammation levels and high nutrient levels will be key to preventing pain in the future.

6 Therapeutic Tools for Relief of Back Pain

Whether you need online or in person support, Zen and Vitality with Zoa in La Plata, MD has your back! Zoa offers multiple options for your back pain relief and would be delighted to meet with you about which tools are most likely to help you now and later.

Pain can change you, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad change. Take that pain and turn it into wisdom. ~ Unknown

Therapy #1: Gentle Pilates Exercises for Back Pain Prevention

Zoa Teaching Equipment Pilates

Balanced core strength is an important factor in reducing and eliminating back pain. Stretching and loosening tight places is also crucial to reducing back pain.

Pilates exercises target your core muscles and control above all else. When you research Pilates and back pain, most articles advise that you choose an instructor trained in dealing with low back pain. You have found one! My Pilates classes always provide the optimal challenge level for each participant independent of the others in the class.

Therapy #2: Red/Infrared Light Therapy to Heal From Back Pain

Joovv Light Therapy

Stand or wiggle around in front of the sunshine-like Joovv lights and you will feel the body tension melt away. Every cell within you will receive a boost of energy as your mitochondria work more efficiently to power you.

Your body will build collagen which changes the composition of your fascial system and makes you stronger. Blood circulation improves which brings increased healing to all parts of the body.

Listen to a recorded meditation during your session and the combination reduces your stress level. Your brain and body will both feel better after a mere 10 minutes!

Therapy #3: Infrared Sauna Reduces Back Pain

Zoa in the Infrared Sauna

Zen and Vitality’s Infrared Sauna heats the body from the inside out using Far Infrared Light which goes deep enough through your skin to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. Heat increases blood flow. More blood flow means more healing everywhere within the body.

Low back pain can stem from the hips, shoulders, head, jaw, and even your feet when you walk. Soaking the entire body in an Infrared Sauna addresses the sources throughout the body that result in back pain.

Therapy #2: Gentle Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Low Back Stretching in Yoga

Yoga provides the opportunity to move your whole body gently, releasing tension throughout. The slow deep breathing of yoga calms your nervous system thereby reducing pain. Which one should you choose? Both!

If you have just a few minutes to spare, you can pop into Zen and Vitality in La Plata, MD to use the Inversion Table to stretch along your spine.

Therapy #5: Fascial Release to Ease Back Pain

Zoa using Fascial Release Tool

Your fascial system is how your body holds tension. Tension is needed to move your bones. Tension is required to hold you together! We need tension, but too much creates pain. Your fascial system is also your sensory network. It holds your emotions, registers pain, and has its own nerve endings. A happy fascial system sends feel good messages to the brain instead of pain messages.

A fascial release class is all about stimulating the release of unwanted tension, generating tension where it is needed, calming the senses, and making the body and brain agree that you feel good! Try one either online or in the La Plata, MD Studio and you will find that your pain faded and you felt great during and after!

If you have just a few minutes to spare and want to address your fascia at home, you can rent the Fascia Releazer and feel the release!

Therapy #6: Vibration Therapy to Shift Your Nervous System

Vibration Therapy

Your nervous system is controlled by your brain. Your brain decides if you are in pain or not. As we remove the reasons for your pain, we must include the nervous system!

A vibration therapy session provides new information to your brain which helps you get out of your old “I am in pain” mental habit. It both calms you and energizes you. You build both strength and flexibility. Most importantly, your brain has a different outlook on life!

We can ignore even pleasure. But pain insists upon being attended to. ~ C.S. Lewis


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