Wellness Roadmap

Wellness is personal. It is all about you and your choices. You want to feel better, live longer, be more capable, and feel more joy every day. You have identified your personal Reason For Wellness. Now what? A wellness roadmap provides a plan for getting you to where you want to be on the time scale that you need.

The information superhighway (i.e. Internet) gives you easy access to so much information it can be overwhelming. Filtering through the information to figure out what is useful to you can be exhausting. There are so many choices that you feel like you are floating without a shore in sight!

We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us. ~ Marcel Proust

You read about so many ways that work for other people: tools, classes, foods, medicines, therapies, etc. Many people are not sure which way to proceed or what to try first. Which path is right for you? How will you know? You would benefit from a guide right about now!

Build your Road Map to Wellness

Zoa’s experience and knowledge base reaches wide and far and she happily shares it with you. Her logical thinking supplements your own thought processes. Her advanced scientific background leads naturally to experimentation and striking out in new directions. She encourages you to think in non-traditional ways, to seek additional information, and to assess for yourself what works and what needs to shift.

Tell her your story, think out loud, and let’s make some progress towards your wellness lifestyle! Together we will create a living roadmap for you to follow for your own wellness.

Create Your Wellness Roadmap


You have a lot of knowledge about wellness practices. You just want a tiny bit of help to make your own roadmap. Got it! Zoa will soon be posting for you a free template to use to create your own roadmap, goals, and steps. Check back soon!

Help Me!

Together we will develop a plan with goals and a timeline. All goals will meet the SMART criteria of being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. We will use the principles of tiny habits as explained by B.J. Fogg in Tiny Habits: The Small Changes The Change Everything (Zoa’s Wellness Book Club read this book in 2020) to help you establish actions that will stick with you for a lifetime and make positive contributions to your wellness. Keep reading for the details on the Wellness Roadmap Plan.

3 Month Wellness Roadmap Plan

When you commit to improving your own wellness with Zoa’s Wellness Roadmap Plan, you receive the folllowing*:

  • An initial 55 minute Wellness Roadmap – Private session with Zoa
  • 12 Weekly 15 minute Wellness Consults – Private sessions with the option to add minutes
  • Daily check ins done electronically
  • Weekly Wellness Scorecards given based on your daily checkin data
  • Ability to ask Zoa questions and receive short video answers (related to the Wellness Roadmap Plan)
  • A 25 minute Quarterly Checkin at the 3 month mark
  • A 25 minute Quarterly Checkin at the 6 month mark

One Time Purchase

$550 total
for 3 month Wellness Roadmap Plan *

Monthly Installments

for 3 month Wellness Roadmap Plan*

*All Wellness Roadmap Plan participants are expected to attend a weekly movement session with Zoa – your choice of group classes or privates – sold separately from the Wellness Roadmap Plan. Any additional wellness services that Zen and Vitality with Zoa can provide are purchased separately. On a client by client basis, we can develop a 3 month package to cover all the wellness services you intend to use to achieve your goals. Everyone is different!

What Happens in the First Wellness Roadmap Session?

We begin by you telling me your story. I want to know what’s going on with body, mind, and spirit right now and the recent past. I hope to hear about how you are feeling, about your current wellness practices, your goals, and what your priorities are. This is our starting point and your desired endpoint for the map. Next I want to know about your successes and your failures (we learn from failure!), your constraints, and what you have tried already. We use these things to find a better path for you to follow.

Now it is Zoa’s turn to get you thinking. How the discussion proceeds depends on you! We will talk about food intake and patterns, movement, stress, sleep, and whatever else we need to. Zoa will offer ideas that could be included in your roadmap. Her suggestions are likely to go well beyond the services that Zen and Vitality offers if they are possibly right for you!


For most people, accountability is key to making lasting changes. For some people, the family and friends are great accountability parters or coaches. Luckily, you do not need a network of wellness-minded friends to improve your own wellness. You do not even need the people living with you to make the same changes (and they could even be liabilities on your wellness journey!). Yes, it is easier if you do, but Zoa makes a great accountability partner!

In the beginning of your lifestyle changes, you need more help, more check-ins, more guidance, and have a lot of questions. Zoa’s Roadmap Program includes weekly private check-in sessions with Zoa, a daily check-in form, and a weekly Wellness Scorecard assessing how much you were able to keep to your goals.

These metrics are not about judgement. They are providing support and a way to see your own progress. Yes you will fall behind sometimes. That is normal. Yes you will have days when you need to shift and choose different wellness practices than you had intended. Also perfectly normal. The key is refocus, avoid negative self talk, and keep going forward.

How Do I Maintain My Wellness Lifestyle Long-Term?

That depends on your wellness journey, your successes, and how quickly your life changes! Maybe just one does the trick. Maybe you give yourself a new one every year. You can schedule a brief Quarterly Wellness Check-In during the months of February, May, August, and November as a way of assessing your progress and determining if your map needs adjustments.

Scientists proceed by common sense and ingenuity. There are no rules, only the principles of integrity and objectivity, with a complete rejection of all authority except that of fact. ~ Joel H. Hildebrand

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