Personalize Your Wellness Lifestyle: Feel Better Not Older

Zoa Helps You
Feel Great,
Age Wonderfully, &
Stay Healthy
Through Wellness Lifestyle Choices!

Zoa Conner, PhD serves Southern Maryland (La Plata, Waldorf, Charles County) with In-Studio Availability and the Earth with Virtual Classes, Digital Services and Online Purchases

We start aging in our mid twenties! Aging can be slow and gentle when wellness becomes a high priority to your daily life.

There are so many ways you can proactively choose wellness over disease: the food you eat, purposeful movement of your entire body, the pattern and quality of your sleep, environmental and personal toxin exposure, beneficial light exposure, stress management, laughter, and more!

Zoa Conner aging gracefully through yoga, pilates, healthy nutrition, and other wellness lifestyle choices
Zoa Conner, PhD feeling great and healthier at 50 than she was at 30!

Want to Feel Better Not Older?

Wellness Lifestyle Services

Zen and Vitality with Zoa helps you create and maintain your own vitality of life and a zen state of being through wellness lifestyle choices rather than medication and surgery.

Zoa’s Specialties

What can you do at Zen and Vitality?

  • Explore new wellness modalities
  • Learn the optimal functioning of your body
  • Receive one-on-one support for your hard to reach goals
  • Strengthen your physical body
  • Calm your mind
  • Build connections between emotions, body sensations, and thoughts
  • Detoxify both body and mind
  • Experience safe pain-free movement of all your joints
  • Reduce stress from your busy life
  • Join a like-minded community focused on feeling great the natural way
  • Feed your body and mind
  • Bring joy to life in many small ways

Want to Feel Better Not Older?


I am a 64 year old retiree and began taking instruction from Zoa in early February 2020. Because of health concerns I was searching for help. In 2018 I was diagnosed with COPD and in 2019 I experienced a major exacerbation. My wife had been taking classes with Zoa and urged me to give her a try.

Since taking 2 to 3 of her classes per week I have drastically improved my flexibility, stamina and overall strength. I am taking Fascia, Pilates and Yoga.  In addition, I am considering her Meditation sessions to improve my focus and mental capabilities.

Her studio is fully equipped with all the essential tools and equipment necessary for her sessions. Additionally, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, she quickly altered her sessions to include virtual availability without a hitch.

Zoa’s teaching methods are clear, concise, versatile and her concern for my personal well being and patience has been the impetus to keep me returning to her classes. She has become more than my instructor but my healthcare partner. Give her sessions a try, you’ll thank yourself later.

~Bill, Retired Print Production Manager

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Want to Feel Better Not Older?

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