What is Light Therapy?

Humans require sunlight to thrive well into old age. Our entire body and mind need the full spectrum of light offered by the sun in order to function optimally. Our indoor lives limit our sunlight exposure. Wintertime offers less light overall. Our devices, homes, and offices offer more blue light than our bodies can handle without the other colors too. We are rightfully concerned with overexposure to UV light which damages skin. Our eyesight degrades, our mood sours, our joints ache, our energy level lowers, and we feel older than we want to. Technology can help balance the scales.

Red/Infrared Light Therapy at Zen and Vitality with Zoa
JOOVV Red and Infrared Light Therapy Panel

Red and Infrared Light Therapy

Natural light supports your health by stimulating your mitochondria (your bacterial powerhouse within every cell in your body) to work more efficiently and by enhancing the process of producing ATP which is the energy required by every part of the body. In modern life, it can be difficult to get enough natural light exposure to keep our bodies looking, feeling, and operating fabulously. Red and Near Infrared light exposure offers a multitude of benefits to the human body by energizing your cells directly. Enter the Joovv Light Therapy system offering medical grade LED lighting to energize your cells and stimulate internal healing!

Joovv Red/Infrared Light Therapy at Zen and Vitality

Light therapy is about giving your body what it needs to function better. It is as simple as standing with plenty of exposed skin (in the private room!) 4-6 inches away from the LED light panel for about 10 minutes. This Quad panel is 17.5″ wide and 6′ tall; compare that to your size and for many clients the entire front or back of their body can be treated/exposed at once. Your skin can only absorb so much light at once, so more frequent sessions are better than longer sessions. In your first sessions, you will spend 5 minutes exposing your front and 5 minutes exposing your back. You can work up to 10 minutes each (2 sessions). Read about why Joovv is different from other systems and their Tips for Getting the Most out of your Joovv session.

Preparing For Your Joovv Session

The Meditation Cave comes alight during your Joovv Light Therapy session. It is best to expose as much skin as you can be comfortable with. While you stand for your session in the privacy of the Meditation Cave, you can wear your own earbuds or use my speaker to listen to soft music or the recorded meditations (choose those with lengths that match your session). The lights are bright but are safe for eyes. You are welcome to wear sunglasses or simply keep eyes closed during your session. The Joovv will turn off automatically at the end of your session but the unit’s fan will remain on for a bit of time. Once you are prepared to be in public again, you should feel great for the rest of the day!


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