Radiation-free thermography provides detailed images of your body showing internal heat levels. Some places on your body should be warmer while others should be cooler. Inflammation is your body’s healing response to infection, injury, fast growth, and other problems.

Places that hold a lot of inflammation are warmer than they should be. The hotter the spot – the more the inflammation – the more intense the problem within your body. Cool places do not get a lot of blood flow and might have a hard time healing from insufficient inflammation.

Thermography in Southern Maryland at Zen and Vitality with Zoa

Next Thermography Dates: Thu Jan 25, 2024, May 7, 2024, and Sept 10, 2024

Thermography whole body scan
A whole body scan – look for asymmetries, places of inflammation, and places of low blood flow.

My goal in offering Thermography to the Southern Maryland community at my wellness center in La Plata is to educate you and empower you to be proactive in your own health and wellness. Thermography is an FDA compliant technology that is ahead of what conventional doctors learned in medical school decades ago. With your personal thermography scan, you can be proactive and aware of issues much earlier than insurance-approved technology.

Thermography Scan Details and FAQ

  • Who performs your scan? Thermography services at Zen and Vitality are offered quarterly by Rhonda Keagy at Insight Holistic Imaging. Rhonda brings her Meditherm thermal imaging camera equipment, her certification as a Level 2 Clinical Thermographer, her background in holistic health, and her desire to help you understand your body.
  • Who reviews your scan? Your scan data is sent to the doctors at Electronic Medical Interpretation for review. Your images and your personal report are sent directly to you 7-10 days later. You may request a copy go to your doctor if you desire.
  • How do you schedule? You schedule directly with her (button below).
  • How do you pay? You pay Rhonda at IMI directly. There is a $75 deposit paid when you schedule. The remainder is paid prior to the service. She operates a cash-based service rather than an insurance based service. She will provide you with a superbill (I call them fancy receipts) with insurance codes in case you wish to submit to your insurance or to your medical spending account. Thermography is often not covered by insurance or Medicare.
  • How often are scans recommended? As with any test, you need to establish a baseline first. After you have a baseline, then consider repeating your scan yearly or at the frequency that helps you stay healthy. You will receive an extra 15 min of consultation time with Rhonda to discuss this at your 2nd scan of your baseline. You can request this same consultation time (free of charge) after future annual screenings as well.
  • How do you establish a baseline? You will need 2 scans that are 3 months apart. These two scans together are typically sufficient for establishing your normal. Yes, sometimes things happen during those 3 months so it is possible you will need a slightly different schedule.
  • What are the scan options? You get to decide how much of your body to scan in a single session. If you are considering thermography for breast health reasons, all types of scans can work for your first one. Your 2nd scan for your baseline may be breast only.
    • Breasts only ~ 30 min $225/first scan $150/2nd scan for baseline
    • Wellness for Women or Men (head, chest/breast, abdomen) ~30 min $325/first scan
    • Half Body (your choice of upper or lower) ~ 30 min $375/first scan
    • Whole Body ~ 30 min $475/first scan
  • What is a session like? You, Rhonda, and her imaging equipment will be in the Meditation Cave (where the light therapy sessions are held). You will need to expose skin on all the parts of your body you are scanning.
  • If you still have questions about thermography, Rhonda is happy to answer them for you. You can get her contact info directly off the Insight Holistic Imaging website.

After Your Thermography Scan

Once you receive your results, you might be seeking to create a plan that uses Functional Wellness to upgrade your health and reduce your inflammation. I would love to help you create and implement that plan. It might include inflammation reducing red/infrared light therapy, anti-inflammatory nutrition changes, or gentle whole body detoxification. You might decide that the time is right for a Functional Wellness Roadmap. The world can be a scary place but you are not alone in your journey towards wellness and vitality!

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