“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph Pilates

Zoa’s Movement Philosophy

If you want to feel better not older, movement truly is medicine. Our bodies are designed to move. We flourish with daily movement. Bodies love variety. We need to walk, run, reach, climb, bend, twist, and so much more. Did you know that if we all walked 5-9 miles daily, most all chronic health problems would not exist? For many of us, that is not practical. We look for other ways to get our daily movement. Zoa is here to help you!

Old Couple walking barefoot on the beach
At Zen and Vitality, Zoa keeps your daily exercise fresh and always the right level of challenging. Even on days when you are hurting – class will help! If you can walk and play on the beach with a loved one instead – see you when you get back!

Movement of our body should bring pleasure, create a sense of confidence, and enable us to move through life with ease. Not there yet? Zoa will walk beside you on your journey, pointing out pitfalls and offering optimal paths for you to follow. Together we will build your strength, encourage cooperation between your body and brain, increase and balance your body’s abilities, establish your ideal amount of body tension, add to your brain’s internal map of the body, and create your flexibility. Let’s get started!

Small Group Exercise Classes

Everyone is different which is a joy! Zoa offers choices so you can find the best path to your own fabulous full body movement. Even pre-pandemic, Zoa’s classes were limited to 6 students. Now a typical class incorporates 2-6 people in studio and a few more at home. All of the following opportunities to move your body with intention are offered simultaneously to in studio clients and to those taking class virtually from elsewhere. Together, we adjust every workout or release class to match your needs while the entire group benefits!


Zoa practicing a yoga asana - crescent moon

Yoga classes are moving meditation experiences where you relieve stress, gain flexibility, let the world fade away, and pay attention to the here and now. Come and Breathe. Find Peace.

Mat Pilates

Movement room for yoga, mat pilates, fascial movement, barre, and exploration!

Mat Pilates classes are best if you seek frequent core workouts on a manageable budget, appreciate variety to your movement menu, wish to minimize “stuff” needed to take a class, and are ready to have fun! Mat Pilates can be meditative and calming to the mind – especially when your low back pain goes away by the end of class!

Pilates Equipment

Zoa on the Pilates Reformer with feet in straps

Pilates Equipment classes are ideal if you want to work your core first and your whole body second. Spring resistance and small weights are used to challenge weaker places everywhere on your body. Equipment classes are more expensive than mat-based classes but so worth it!

Fascial Release

Zoa Conner, PhD receiving a fascial release of her chest with a purple peanut

Fascial Release classes give you stress relief from the inside out. Boost your strength and create flexibility with a roll, tap, or circle! No two classes are ever alike since you are different every time you attend!


Zoa Conner, PhD adding to her upper body strength at Zen and Vitality with Zoa in La Plata, MD

Zoa offers you 4 strength classes, all designed to build your vitality and increase your capabilities. Barre wakes up your entire body. Shoulder Vitality targets the upper body; Hip Vitality takes care of the lower body. Whole Body Vitality can be whatever we need it to be! Every class has different levels and options to challenge you at the perfect level for today.

Brain Vitality

Improve brain function with Brain Vitality Class

Zoa created this brain focused class just for you! We begin with breathwork, move our bodies to challenge our brain, and end of meditation. No two classes are the same so get to constantly learn new things. Try it and experience how you feel energized, calm, and more capable of enjoying life!

Private and Duet Sessions with Zoa

Private sessions are best if you:

  • Are recovering from a recent injury or surgery
  • Need Zoa’s full attention while learning new things
  • Want to be able to focus on a particular body issue for an entire session
  • Are best served by shorter sessions
  • Have a schedule that does not mix well with the current class schedule.

Independent Strength Sessions

Sometimes you want to just show up, do some work, and move on with your day. Sometimes you want a little something extra for yourself. A vibration therapy session might be just the thing for you.

X3 Strength Building and Pilates Equipment Self Practice sessions are the most cost effective way to get more time to safely build your core and other muscles using the spring resistance offered by a Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Chair.

X3 Strength Building Sessions

X3 Strength Building Sessions

During an X3 session you use the specialty resistance bands and accompanying X3 equipment to work your power muscles, connect to your core, and challenge your bones to get stronger. These are functional movements in upright positions just like life! In a single 15 min session, you will accomplish 4 exercises (either Set A or Set B) – and they are written down for you! X3 sessions can be scheduled anytime the studio is open.

Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy at Zen and Vitality

Short and sweet. Stimulating and relaxing. More muscle fibers activate through the use of vibration. Generate growth hormones to support bone and muscle building. Vibration therapy might be new to you but athletes, astronauts, and normal folks like you and me can all reap the benefits! Jiggle and wiggle yourself to a better body and happier nervous system all in 9 minutes. Sweet!

Self Practice on the Pilates Equipment

Self Practice on the Pilates Equipment

During Self Practice sessions, you use the Pilates Equipment room to build your core muscles, work your deep stabilizing muscles, and find your smile – and you get to do the exercises that you need more of! Zoa will be in the room with you getting stronger too and will be available for guidance. This is a self-directed “class” offered at particular days and times.

3 Month Personalized Body Vitality Plan

Body Vitality Plan at Zen and Vitality with Zoa

You have a goal. Maybe its to stop experiencing that recurring pain in your shoulder when you do certain movements. Maybe it is to strengthen your core so lower back pain exists only in your memories. Maybe you are ready to improve your pelvic floor so you stop peeing at inappropriate times. These goals and more are quite achievable and the help of 3 Month Personalized Vitality Plan custom built for you by Zoa.

Movement Videos for Home Use

Personalized Movement Video

Personal Movement Video

Your body is unique; it has its own quirks and issues that we are working on together. We both know you will make faster progress if you can work on those issues daily rather than whenever you are in class. We also both know that a private gives a much more personal experience than a group class. Let’s combine those two! Zoa will make you a personalized video guiding your movement, with instructions and modeling, so that you have a 10-15 minute video made Just For You to use whenever you can at home. When it is no longer serving your needs, we can make another one that uses your newfound strengths and provides the next level of movement for your body!

Zen Anytime Online Membership

Z&V purple flower

There are days when you do not have an hour to devote to a live class with Zoa. Your body is designed to move daily and move you will! On those busier days, Zen Anytime gives you what you need! Each month, Zoa offers a set of 8 videos for your unlimited use at home. These videos are short – 10-15 minutes long. They build on what we do in class and extend beyond it. Each monthly set includes 4 video pairs focusing on shoulders, hips, spine, and whole body. Use them individually stack them into a full body movement session, or use them after class for a longer workout focusing on your weaker places.

Sample Group Class Schedule

Each month the group class schedule is published. There are seasonal changes (e.g. Saturday starts earlier in the warmer weather seasons) and changes based on clients needs , requests, and attendance. Do you have a need not met by the current schedule? It never hurts to make a request!

Jan-Feb 2024 Class Schedule for Zen and Vitality with Zoa


Zoa is the best fitness instructor I have yet found! I am very enthusiastic about her classes. I have followed her from studio to studio for several years.

I started Yoga due to ongoing balance issues which had no firm diagnosis. Zoa has been very helpful in supporting my instructions from Physical Therapy as well. I have taken group yoga, group Pilates Equipment, Private Pilates sessions and I even tried a group fascia class!

Zoa is awesome and a well of patience with all levels of ability.  (I have very poor balance and flexibility. My strength is going fast too.) I do appreciate how she gives me the ability to move on a regular basis.

~ Frank

Class Music Playlists

Music shifts emotions. Music puts your mind in order. Music triggers memories. Please use these playlists from Zoa’s classes as you need!

“Trying out new ways of using your body in handling various situations breaks you free from old ways of thinking and being.” Mirka Knaster