Movement Classes

Zoa’s Movement Philosphy

Movement of our body should bring pleasure, create a sense of confidence, and enable us to move through life with ease. Not there yet? Zoa will walk beside you on your journey, pointing out pitfalls and offering optimal paths for you to follow. Together we will build your strength, encourage cooperation between your body and brain, increase and balance your body’s abilities, establish your ideal amount of body tension, add to your brain’s internal map of the body, and create your flexibility. Let’s get started!

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph Pilates

Everyone is different which is a joy! Zoa offers choices so you can find the best path to your own fabulous full body movement. All of the options below are available both virtually and in studio with tiny class sizes. Please note that even pre-pandemic, Zoa’s classes were limited to 6 students. Now a typical class incorporates 1-3 people in studio and a few at home.

Types of Movement Classes

Mat-Based Classes

Mat based classes are best for those who want frequent workouts on a manageable budget, appreciate variety to their movement menu, wish to minimize “stuff” needed to take a class, and are ready to have fun! Mat classes can be a great way to get more for less when combined with a weekly private or a group Pilates Equipment class.

Pilates Equipment Classes

Pilates Equipment classes are best for those who want to work their core first and the whole body second. Spring resistance, flexible resistance, and small weights are all used to challenge the weaker components of your core as we move limbs and the whole body. Together adjust every single workout to match your needs.

Privates and Duet Sessions

Privates are best for those who want Zoa’s full attention while learning new things, want to be able to focus on a particular body issue for an entire session, are keeping a small social bubble due to Coronavirus, or have a schedule that does not mix well with the current class schedule.

Feb 2021 Class Schedule


Zoa is the best fitness instructor I have yet found! I am very enthusiastic about her classes. I have followed her from studio to studio for several years. I started Yoga due to ongoing balance issues which had no firm diagnosis. Zoa has been very helpful in supporting my instructions from Physical Therapy as well. I have taken group yoga, group Pilates Equipment, Private Pilates sessions and I even tried a group fascia class! Zoa is awesome and a well of patience with all levels of ability.  (I have very poor balance and flexibility. My strength is going fast too.) I do appreciate how she gives me the ability to move on a regular basis.

~ Frank

Class Music Playlists

Music shifts emotions. Music puts your mind in order. Music triggers memories. Please use these playlists from Zoa’s classes as you need!

“Trying out new ways of using your body in handling various situations breaks you free from old ways of thinking and being.” Mirka Knaster

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