3 Month Metabolic Flexibility Plan


Gain support and weekly adjustments to your diet and lifestyle!

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When you commit to improving your own wellness with my Metabolic Flexibility Plan, you receive the following*:

  1. Initial 25 minute private wellness consultation with me
  2. Package of 2 Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) with the option to purchase additional CGMs so we can monitor your blood sugar levels in real time
  3. Access to the Veri app to enhance our ability to use your CGM data for lifestyle changes
  4. 1 HTMA test and Consultation
  5. Analyses of the micronutrient and macronutrient content of your diet using multiple 3 day and 1 day food logs
  6. Access to my Self-Guided Intermittent Fasting Program
  7. Daily/Weekly check-ins and suggestions from me done electronically
  8. Two 15 minute Wellness Consultations that you can schedule when needed during the program
  9. Unlimited Q&A via text that are program related
  10. A 25 minute private wellness consultation at the end of your Metabolic Flexibility Plan

*If you can obtain 2 Abbott Freestyle Libre sensors from a doctor prescription and insurance, your plan fee will be reduced by $200.

**Any additional wellness services that Zen and Vitality with Zoa can provide are purchased separately. Clients located near the studio may request to also purchase a Wellness and Metabolism membership in order to gain unlimited access to the Metabolic Exercise Bike and other wellness tools. Everyone is different!

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