Lumen Metabolic Tracker

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When you are working on your metabolism and trying to turn on fat burning, it is handy to have a nifty little device that tells you if you are fat burning or not – right now!. Lumen does just that and all you have to do is breathe 🙂 No finger prick required.

Lumen blends nicely with Keto-pH urine test strips when working to understand the state of your healing journey. pee on the test strip first thing in the morning and use Lumen all day long.

When you burn fat/ketones a byproduct is acetone which is excreted via your breath. Your breathe smells a little sweet! There is a new user learning session with your new Lumen so you can breathe in the way required to get the data required by the sensors. This will be no problem at all if you are one of my pilates or yoga students!

Lumen comes with a little bag since you will want to carry it around with you. It talks to your phone via bluetooth. It will offer advice – and so will I – especially if you have requested your Metabolic Flexibility Plan.