Keto-pH™ Urine Test Strips


16 in stock (can be backordered)

Get daily data about your wellness!

16 in stock (can be backordered)



These urine test strips are fabulous because they allow you to test your:

  • Detox ability – by measuring pH – alkaline urine means you are doing great! stress can make you acidic …
  • Fat burning ability – by measuring the presence of ketones – fuel for your cells in the form of fat rather than sugar!

Typically in order to test your ketone level, you have to do a finger prick blood test and have a machine that measures your blood. I prefer this way!

What can affect the acidity of your pee?

  • Food choices
  • Eating pattern
  • Emotional and mental stress levels
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Physical stress including exercise!
  • Toxic load including viruses, bacteria, and mold

These test strips are included as part of of the Guided Fasting Program for Women. They were developed by Dr Anna Cabeca, a doctor with an amazing wealth of information for women who want menopause to be magical.


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