Joovv Mini – 1 Month Rental


Meet the Mini – a table top model from Joovv – available for rental by the month



Red/Infrared light therapy stimulates healing on the cellular level, boosts your energy, improves sleep quality, encourages healthy skin, balances your moods, and much more. Come to Zen and Vitality for a whole body light therapy session or rent this mini unit for daily use in your own home. The Joovv mini is one of many self-care tools that are available either for rent or for in studio use.

Are you considering purchasing a Joovv Red Light Therapy system for home but are not sure if it is worth the cost? Try a Mini system at home for a month before buying!

Are you wondering if your family members would love the Joovv red lights as much as you do? Rent a Mini for home for a month and make it easy for them to sample the light, warmth, and healing of red light therapy.

If Red Light Therapy is new to you, read about the benefits and more on Zoa’s blog post about red light therapy.

Rental Details: For more info on the device and the science behind it, visit the Joovv website. In order to use all the cool features of this device, you will want to install the Joovv App and create an account through the app. If you just want it to go on and off, you need nothing but the rental items. You will be expected to pay the full rental fee in advance, schedule your pickup date/time, and sign a rental agreement (sent separately).

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