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How many times have you been told to “drink 8 glasses of water a day”? Has anyone ever explained why or what “kind” of water to drink? That’s why I am here! This blog post is part educational and part instruction manual to get the healthiest water to drink into your body that you can so you feel better not older!

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Importance of Water for Your Wellness

Water is the stuff of life – literally and figuratively! Every cell in your body contains water. The space between your cells contains water. You are water with stuff in it!

Where does your water come from? You drink it. Your food contains water. You wash your hands in it. You take showers and baths in it. You swim in it. It falls from the sky and you jump in the puddles!

How do you get water? Your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Every beverage you purchase out of the house. The water fountain at work. Your town’s “city water” supply. Your house’s well. The water your farmers all over the world put on their crops. The oceans and mountain streams.

What is in your water? Hopefully healthy minerals and life supporting energy. Hopefully not damaging chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, bacteria and viruses that you do not want, pesticides, or other harmful components.

Water in the Human Body: Easy or EZ?

Water is more than a chemist’s description of 2 hydrogen molecules bonded to an oxygen molecule. Water is more than the 3 phases of water you learned in school (reminder: solid – ice, liquid – water, and gas – steam). Now we know there are also plasma (halfway between liquid and gas) and EZ water (halfway between liquid and solid).

Water holds energy. Water holds memory. Water holds electricity. That last one should make the most sense to you since you probably know not to stand in a puddle of water while using electronics or during a lightning storm.

water drop
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

EZ water, discovered by the pioneering biomedical engineer Dr Gerald Pollack, is known as the 4th phase of water. EZ water is the form of water most prevalent in the human body. EZ water is inside healthy cells and in between them (in the extracellular matrix which is your fascia) in a healthy body. Sufficient EZ water in your body is what makes you feel well hydrated. What makes EZ water special?

1: EZ water stores energy like a battery

close up photo of batteries
Photo by Hilary Halliwell on Pexels.com

As with any molecule created by elements bonding together, EZ water stores energy which can be released by breaking those bonds. EZ water simply stores more energy than normal water because it is made from 3 hydrogens and 2 oxygens and carries a negative charge (which is why it acts like other antioxidants to neutralize toxins). It also excels at moving energy from one molecule to another allowing better energy distribution through the body.

2. EZ water forms pliable crystalline layers

Because of the electrical nature of the chemical bonds, EZ water molecules naturally want to hang out together and close! They have an affinity for each other that results in the molecules lining up together to make honeycomb-like layers – particularly at the water loving surfaces of our proteins, DNA, mitochondria, and cell walls (cell walls are like sandwiches of water loving, water hating, water loving components).

Inside a cell, EZ water is present but the space is a bit cramped for many layers to exist. Outside the cell in the connective tissue of your fascia system and in the lymph fluid millions of layers of EZ water should be able to accumulate for optimal biological function.

3: EZ water excludes toxins from cells

impenetrable wall
EZ water makes an impenetrable wall around cells to protect them.

EZ water is short for Exclusion Zone water. EZ water is thick like honey – just look at your blood. Blood truly is thicker than water because it made from EZ water. This is significant because EZ water has the ability to exclude or keep out even the smallest particles from a zone where multiple EZ water molecules are bound together to make a crystalling Exclusion Zone. Only electrons can easily move into, through, and out of an Exclusion Zone. EZ water acts like a protective barrier for your cells.

4: EZ water keeps mitochondria and protein shapes ideal for optimal functioning

Folded proteins need EZ water to stay properly folded.

Mitochondria need to be tube shaped in order to not lose electrons during the process of making energy. Proteins make things happen because of their ability to fold, unfold, and maintain their shape. The rigidity of EZ water up against the surfaces of these two objects makes them work better.

Testing: What is in Your Drinking Water?

How healthy is your water? You can answer that through testing.

Test #1: Your tongue. If you do not like the taste of the water, that is a sign that there is something in it that your body does not want. If you do not have a better source of water, then you move on to filtration and HEALing the water that you have.

Test #2: Chemistry! Get the chemical composition of your water tested. If you don’t like the test results, you can then deal with filtering/cleaning your water and or making other adjustments to your water supply.

woman drinking water from glass bottle
Photo by Arnie Watkins on Pexels.com

Testing Your City Water

If your town provides your water, it has been tested. It should have passed the legal requirements but that does not mean it is safe and healthy for you – just that they are legally allowed to sell it to you! Luckily there are organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that care about your health and well-being. They tell you what is in the water that might or will definitely impact your health. Put your zip code into the EWG’s TapWater database, choose your water supplier, and find out what’s in your water!

Testing Your Well Water

If your home or workplace has it’s own well, you will need to do you own testing. I tested my water using TapScore before I started using it to make kombucha for Zen and Vitality clients. Another testing option is a WaterCheck Test from National Testing Laboratories. I looked at testing options from the Charles County, MD health department, the state of Maryland, local companies, and they all offer few wellness oriented testing choices or much higher prices.

Should You Buy Bottled Water?

No in my strong opinion. Mine may not be a popular opinion. Let me give you my many reasons…

assorted plastic bottles
Avoid plastic water bottles! – Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com
  1. There is no guarantee that the water in the bottles is healthier than what you already have unless you test it for comparison.
  2. Bottled water is likely to be in plastic bottles. Say no to plastics as much as possible because they use up non-renewable resources, disrupt your endocrine system, and make trash on land and in the water when not properly placed for recycling.
  3. You are taking water from another geographic location and disturbing their ecosystem.
  4. You just paid to move water across the country or sometimes globe – don’t you have something better to do with that $$?
  5. What about the water you shower/bathe with, wash dishes in, cook with, give to your animals, grow your plants in, and so much more? It is better to clean up the water that you have if wellness is your goal.

If you do not go the bottled water route and your water at home is suboptimal, then its is time to examine your water filter options.

Filtration: Remove the Bad Stuff in Your Water

Ok, you got your test results. Now what? Are there things in your water that you do not want in your body? Do you need a better filter than you have? There are a lot of filters out there! Here are the two filters I use at Zen and Vitality.

  1. Berkey: Consider getting a Berkey Filter if you are concerned about getting the cleanest, delicious tasting water.. The Berkey folks have partnered with the Environmental Working Group to display their test results and tell you which of the contaminants in your water they can filter out. That makes life and decisions easier! One of the things I particularly worry about in my water is pharmaceuticals. Particularly when I remember that we pee out our toxins, I want to make sure all the bad stuff from other people’s pee is filtered from my water! The lobby of Zen and Vitality in La Plata, Maryland has a Berkey filter to provide you and I with the healthiest water possible.
  2. Zero: When I opened Zen and Vitality, I first bought a Zero Water filter. It is designed to filter both good and bad out of municipal treated water (“city water”). It’s 5 stage filtration process is not as complete as the Berkey filter, so I use the Zero filter to provide clean water for the Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

If you are wondering about Reverse Osmosis filtration, keep in mind they in addition to being pricier to get started with, an RO system also takes away all the important beneficial minerals needed by your body. I have drunk plain RO water while in college (because I worked in a laboratory with an RO system) and it is dead and flat on your tongue – on purpose! RO water needs to be remineralized (more money!) in order for you to not lose minerals when drinking your clean water!

When you contemplate water filters, please remember to consider both drinking water and water used for bathing/showering/teeth brushing. Do you need to install filters in your shower? Put a small pitcher or jar of healthy water to use at the sink?

7 Ways to Make EZ Water for Peak Hydration

Now that you have a clean water source, it is time to move your water into its EZ phase since that is what your cells need to function optimally. You might use only one or all of these ideas over the course of a day or a week!

1: Sun Your Water

white and brown ceramic vase
Be sure to bring in your Sun Water before nightfall unless you want Moon Water too! Photo by Sohel Patel on Pexels.com

Put a gallon of water in a glass jar out in the sun for a few hours. The water will absorb the infrared light from the sunshine. That extra energy converts the water into the EZ phase. Bonus: You can add leaves and berries to make sun tea! At my house, I do this daily and then HEAL the jar overnight for use the next day. You can use this Sun Water in your humidifier during the winter, in your essential oil diffuser, and more!

2: Sun Bathe or Sauna

Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna Dome at Zen and Vitality with Zoa
Turn your body’s normal water into EZ water with the help of infrared sauna sessions.

Convert the water already inside of you into its EZ for by lying naked (or part naked) in the sunshine or enjoying an infrared sauna session. Either of these relaxing activities which provide the perfect far infrared energy to help make EZ water in your muscles and other tissues.

The benefits to a sauna session are that you can control the heating while also minimizing your skin’s UV exposure, can make EZ water no matter the outdoor weather, and can do it in the evening too!

3: Swirl Your Water

a whirlpool in a glass
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Swirl and twirl your water so it can absorb the vibrational energy and convert some of the water into EZ water. The “hot term” for this is called “vortexing”. Your smoothie has swirled water in it. Your Purity Coffee or your Danger coffee blended with butter and C8 MCT oil has even more because the fats help the conversion process. You can also simply take your little blender stick and twirl your water in your glass (larger than you need to avoid splooshing). Swirl at a good clip for about 30 seconds or so.

4: Drink Plants

Vege juices are full of EZ water along with vitamins and minerals.

Plants get a lot of sun exposure and make EZ water too. When you eat freshly picked organic veges and fruits (pick up your Next Step Produce order at my studio) or drink cold pressed vege juices (join the monthly group order from Farmer’s Juice if you are not making your own). The fresher the better since plants lose water starting the moment they are harvested!

5: Offer Electrons

Old Couple walking barefoot on the beach
Walk barefoot in ocean water and absorb both electrons and mineral rich EZ water!

Since EZ water zones hold a negative charge, absorbing electrons from the Earth by grounding (walking barefoot outside, walking outside in a pair of Grounding Sandals, or using a grounding mat) will help convert the water inside you into EZ water.

6: Use Nature’s Water

mountain stream in autumn
Drink EZ water from a fresh mountain stream. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Drink water fresh from a mountain stream – it has the sun exposure and the vibrations from moving over the rocks and should taste like heaven (or super clean EZ water that holds peace and serenity within). Ideally, you would be able to see the glacier that fed the stream! This is the true definition of drinking water.

7: Grow Your Mitochondria!

Mitochondria make EZ water!

Mitochondria create ATP through a 5 step process called the electron transport chain. As the name indicates, electrons get passed from step to step with water a result of the 4th step and ATP (energy!) the result of the last (5th) step. In order for the 4th step to occur, heat or infrared radiation is required. Guess what type of water is made here? You guessed it – EZ water! A red/infrared light therapy session stimulates the growth of new mitochondria giving you more tiny sources of EZ water within the cell!

Note: Anesthetics have been shown to reduce the size of EZ water pockets or zones within the body’s fascia system.

HEAL Your Drinking Water

When my daughter and I were traveling, the place we stayed had water that made us squinch up our faces and measure how much we brought from home. We hoped we had enough to last us the entire trip, but there was not a chance. So I started HEALing the water in glasses before we drank it. The water tasted much better and we felt good from drinking it. If you water is suboptimal, you can HEAL yours too!

To HEAL your water, you simply need a HEAL capsule and some time. All you do is sit a HEAL capsule up against the outside of your glass or jar of water for 20+ minutes and then drink up! A HEAL capsule is one of the many quantum physics healing tools offered by Leela Quantum Tech that I have incorporated into my life and business because I see and feel that they work. I regularly HEAL my drinking water at home by simply putting my HEAL capsule against a gallon jar of water for the night while I sleep. It is ready to go in the morning!

HEAL Capsule by Leela Quantum Tech
Add HEALing quantum energy to your water to make it superb for your wellness!

One way to think about the water HEALing process I am suggesting is that the quantum frequencies in the HEAL capsule strengthen the water in ways that help your human biology and while the harmful things that might be in the water dissipate away so they can not harm you. I wear my HEAL capsule on a necklace most days – to HEAL my whole body! If you have taken my “water test” when at the La Plata, MD studio, you have tasted the tingly, vibrancy of HEALed water – it tastes like that from a pure mountain stream!

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