Wellness Space

The private room we call the Wellness Space enables you to take advantage of many small wellness tools without having to buy them for yourself, store them, find them again (!), and keep them in working order! You can reserve this room for just yourself for 15 minutes and do what you need to before class, after class, or whenever you are in La Plata. Remember that when a wellness activity is easy, it is more likely to be accomplished!

Tools Available in the Wellness Space

Inversion Table

Gravity makes you shorter, compressed your spine, hips, and the joints in your legs. Fight gravity by lying inverted – head below heart. You can be upside down a little or a lot! An inversion table allows you to rest in your anti-gravity state rather than working for it. Choose from a very slight inversion to fully vertical depending on your comfort level and body needs. Inversion can help condition such as tight hips, sciatica and other compressed nerve conditions, and low back pain.

Targeted Light Therapy

The Sunlighten LumiNIR LED wand provides therapeutic grade light in Near Infrared, Red, Blue, and combinations of those for the purpose of healing, cell renewal, clear skin, anti-aging, and pain relief. Switch the LED colors by swapping the head of the wand and customize your light therapy session by session. Heal cat scratches, reduce acne blemishes, reduce localized muscle soreness, and so much more!

Fascia Releazer

The Fascia Releazer is a tight muscle’s dream come true! The vibration gets deep into the body to soften the tension in your fascia system. Clicking joints, tension related pain, and your emotions all get released with the self administered pressure and movement of the Releazer.

The Fascia Releazer also has a “breathing mode” to improve heart rate variability and the coordination between your respiratory and cardio systems.

Get more information from the manufacturer

Watch a video of someone using the Fascia Releazer


Rebounders are just mini trampolines designed for adults and perfect for stimulating your immune and lymphatic systems. Start with the Gentle Health Bounce by keeping both feet on the trampoline and perhaps your hands on the walls for comfort then just gently bend your knees and ankles or lift and lower your heels to get a little movement. This is enough to stimulate your lymph flow to detoxify your body. Your pelvic floor will get a little push/pull from the bouncing which gently encourages strength and flexibility which are both needed. The gentle repeated pressure on your bones supports increasing bone density and strength in the entire body. Your core muscles will wake up and work better during and after bouncing. Start with 2 minutes and work up to perhaps 10 minutes a session. When you engage in the Gentle Health Bounce, there is no impact to your joints or spine since your feet never leave the trampoline!

Our own body is the best health system we have–if we know how to listen to it. ~ Christiane Northrup

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