Continued Access to Your Plan


Extend your access to your PBVP exercises/suggestions or your wellness activity list received during your Wellness Roadmap

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Once your Personalized Body Vitality Plan or your Wellness Roadmap Plan has finished, your access to your personalized set of exercises and wellness activities also ends. Many people find that they can use those same personalized activities to help them maintain the positive progress that they created during their months on their personalized plan. Continued access to the details of your plan and your progress through it helps you through the inevitable ups and downs that will happen as life proceeds along!

Choose whether you want just one month (to use as a tune up) or 3 months as help to travel out of the dip you are experiencing. Of course, you might also have a new goal and prefer to have another custom-for-you plan!

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1 Month, 3 Months


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