3 Month Personal Body Vitality Plan


Gain support and weekly feedback and support for your Personal Body Vitality Plan

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You have a problem and Zoa will guide you through fixing it! Whether you are dealing with a pelvic floor issue, chronic pain and tightness in a particular area of your body, seeking to recover to 100% from an injury, or a less common issue, together we will put in the time and work needed to get you what you need. When you commit to improving your own vitality with a Personalized Body Vitality Plan, you receive the following*:

  • An initial 25 minute First Session with Zoa
  • 10 Weekly 15 minute Private Movement Sessions – With the option to add minutes as needed
  • Weekly video or audio for daily use at home to support your current needs and goals
  • Private web page for you with the assignments, summaries of our sessions together, your goals, a daily status form, and other useful tidbits
  • Ability to ask Zoa questions and receive short video answers (related to the Personal Body Vitality Plan)
  • A 25 minute Private Session at the end of the 3 months

*All Personal Body Vitality Plan participants are expected to attend an additional weekly movement session with Zoa – your choice of group classes or privates – sold separately from the 3 Month Personal Body Vitality Plan. Any additional wellness services that Zen and Vitality with Zoa can provide are purchased separately. On a client by client basis, we can develop a 3 month package to cover all the movement/wellness services you intend to use to achieve your goals. Everyone is different!

You are eligible to request to be a Personal Body Vitality Plan participant once you have completed your first month of experimentation with Zen and Vitality.

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