Pilates Equipment offers spring resistance, core centered, full body exercises that are great for Every Body. All equipment is adjustable for a wide range of height, weight (up to 350 lbs), and joint movement ability.

Why Pilates Apparatus?

Do you need to build strength in order to not hurt? Pilates Equipment can support your bodyweight so you can safely build strength from the inside out.

Are your limbs strong but your core not so much? Equipment can bring your focus away from your already strong power muscles and into the weaker areas that your mind tries to ignore!

Is one of your goals to address your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles? Improve your posture? Move with less joint pain and discomfort? Get your body to cooperate with you more fully? Then Pilates Equipment could be for you!

Zoa Conner, PdD working on a Stability Chair at Zen and Vitality with Zoa in La Plata, MD
Zoa Conner, PhD, STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor on a Stability Chair

While Pilates Equipment is but one of many movement class formats available with Zoa, it is the place I would start everyone if they had no exercise experience or if it had been years since they followed an exercise program. Pilates Equipment sessions are just that good!


In Studio Group Pilates Equipment Classes

Pilates Equipment (Reformer, Tower, and Stability Chair) for 2 people at Zen and Vitality with Zoa
Pilates Equipment room with Reformer, Tower, and Stability Chair for two people

Join Zoa in the La Plata, MD studio and you will get to push on the Reformer, get creative on the Stability Chair, and find symmetry with the Tower to strengthen your core and work your entire stabilizer system in a safe, enjoyable way!

Core based exercises always start with your breathing and proper core engagement. We add in the use your inner thighs to deepen the core work, outer hips to balance you, work your glutes for a happy low back, and access your deep shoulder muscles to create powerful movements.

These in person classes are limited to 2-4 participants but a few students join in virtually as well. A select few have access to their own Pilates Reformer, but more often Zoa sets them up with Faux Equipment Props and carefully selects and cues the exercises so everyone feels like they are in studio!


Pilates Equipment Classes From Home

Using what equipment?

How can you possibly take Equipment Pilates at home? A select few have access to their own Pilates Reformer at home, but more often we can set you up to rent Faux Equipment Props and a live virtual class.

Will it feel the same?

Zoa carefully selects and cues exercises so it feels like you are in studio on the real equipment! Yay for creativity and resourcefulness! You will receive a workout which is core based while still being safe for your joints and cranky parts. You will get to find and challenge your core in new and fun ways.

Experienced reformer and tower students say it feels like they are on the equipment from home!



As a professional horse trainer / competitor and amateur triathlete I put my body through a lot of stress with training, competition and the occasional injury. I began taking the Athletic fascia class mostly out of curiosity. It’s made a huge and surprising difference in the recovery of injuries (even old ) and maintaining a body that feels good despite hard training. This is a class every person needs in their life. I promise you will feel better regardless of how you feel walking in.

I began taking the Pilates class also out of curiosity. This class has been a game changer. It gives you greater body awareness but also Greater body mechanics and movement. It has made every aspect of the activities I do better. And the results were almost immediate. I rode better, swam, biked and ran better. I can’t explain it but Zoa can. Highly recommend.

Zoa also offers an infrared sauna and red light therapy. As an owner of these devices I can tell you they work. Give them a try! Great place!

~ Erica B, Police Officer

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states” ~ Carol Welsh