Do you have a new or “healed” injury keeping you from living a vibrant life?

Do you have one main physical issue that is creating pain or giving you constant trouble?

Have you completed physical therapy but want to keep improving your physical functioning?

Are you in search of a doctor-free option that will get you to move your body fully without recurring discomfort?

Body Vitality Plan at Zen and Vitality with Zoa

If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions – A Personalized Body Vitality Plan with Zoa may be perfect for you. If you are ready for Zoa to guide you to a more comfortable body with greater movement of your cranky joints, increased strength and control of your muscles, or lower chronic tension and tightness – let’s go!


Why Work With Zoa?

My approach to helping your body improve is holistic. Together we make ample use of knowledge, logic, and creativity to find appropriate next steps for your journey towards greater body vitality. We may use movements and concepts from Pilates, yoga, fascial release, and other movement modalities as needed. Simultaneously, I guide you through:

  • understanding your body’s movement habits as we create new ones
  • monitoring your body’s sensations to keep you out of pain
  • growing supportive muscles that are both strong and pliable
  • interpreting the messages traveling between your body and your brain

When you choose to work with me, you receive much more than just a set of exercises to do at home on your own.

I can’t do the required work for you (wouldn’t that be nice!), but as part of your Personalized Body Vitality Plan I am available for questions anytime and I coach you through your new movements twice a week.


What’s In A Personalized Body Vitality Plan?

For 3 months, you will focus on your chosen body goal, taking step after step towards your goal with Zoa’s guidance. All Personalized Body Vitality Plan (PBVP) participants receive a personalized plan created by Zoa just for your stated needs and goals. After your new client consultation when we decide together if this plan is suitable for you, we will get started with the specifics that you need to meet your goal.

We work together every week to ensure your progress and to reinforce it to minimize back sliding. A PBVP includes*:

  • An initial 25 min private session with Zoa for determining what you need as the first step and orient you to your first assignment
  • 10 Weekly 15 minute private movement sessions so that you can fit them into your busy life – with the option to add minutes as needed
  • Weekly video or audio for daily use at home to support your current needs so that you are working daily on your goals with Zoa’s guidance
  • Private web page for you with the assignments, summaries of our sessions together, your goals, a daily status form, and other useful tidbits so that you can have everything at your fingertips
  • Private form to ask Zoa questions and receive short video answers (related to the Personal Body Vitality Plan) so that no matter the time of day you can contact Zoa and maintain your momentum
  • A 25 minute Private Session at the end of the 3 months for assessment of your current body state and future needs

3 Monthly Installments

for 3 months of your Personalized Body Vitality Plan

One Time Payment

$380 total
for your 3 month Personalized Body Vitality Plan

*You will almost certainly need additional time with Zoa in order to be fully set up for success for your PBVP. Which additional classes or wellness services will suit your needs will be discusses and selected by you prior to the start of your PBVP. Options range from an additional 15 minute private weekly so several group classes to infrared sauna sessions – all sold separately! On a client by client basis, we can develop a 3 month package to cover all the movement/wellness services you intend to use to achieve your goals. Everyone is different!


Why 3 Months Long?

Think about how long ago you started to feel this way. It is likely to take just as long or longer to bring your body into a place where it feels good and you move well again. The body is slow to change. Fascia (your tension and stress network of connective tissue) is slow to make permanent changes. Your brain needs to build new movement patterns (i.e. instructions to muscles and interpretation of nerve messages) which take time and repetition.

Many body issues can be remedied in 3 months. Sometimes 3 months gives you a good start on the path but the journey will be longer.

How is a PBVP Different from Physical Therapy?

  • For many people, physical therapy gets the body working “enough” but not necessarily “good enough for me”. A PBVP with Zoa can extend your recovery work to give you more optimal long term function.
  • When you get injured, your whole body is negatively affected due to the highly connected nature of the human body. When an injury results in physical therapy sessions, the rest of the body is not necessarily addressed. A PBVP with Zoa provides opportunity to go global – to improve the working relationships between various body parts and brain along with bringing up the ability of the whole body to function.
  • During your PBVP with Zoa, we address your habits that help and hinder progress towards your goals. Often we spread into how emotional and mental stress affect your body sensations and movement. We operate holistically on the whole you!