Personal Nutrition Analysis


Does your diet support your wellness goals?



You think you eat a healthy diet but it is actually supporting your wellness goals? Let’s analyze your diet!

  • Using your 3 day food log, we will analyze your diet for the micronutrients needed for optimal wellness along with the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory nature of your commonly eaten foods.
  • Using your answers to a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, we will explore the state of your digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Using muscle testing as our guide, the effectiveness of your supplements for your unique body will be explored.
  • Recommendations will be offered for dietary improvement, timing of meals to support your goals, and how to reduce your reliance on supplements and still supply your body with bountiful nutrition to enable the highest wellness state possible!
  • A 25 min wellness consultation is included for muscle testing, Q&A, and more!

Are you ready to upgrade your diet in the name of wellness?


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