Private/Duet Sessions

Zoa teaching the Warrior 2 yoga asana and correcting knee alignment
Zoa Conner, PhD, Registered Yoga Teacher correcting knee alignment for Warrior 2 yoga asana in La Plata, MD


When you need focused attention to learn, move safely, be challenged appropriately, and try something new, a private session may be your perfect choice. In your session, we can focus on exactly what you need instead of what the group can handle. We can do all one kind of activity (e.g. yoga), or a mix (1/3 fascial movement and 2/3 Pilates). Every session can be different depending on the day and your needs.


Do you need some friend time while you move and breathe? Do you want to take care of our body alongside a partner, parent, child, or sibling? A duet session for the two of you might do the trick! You will usually do the same things as your new or current friend, but sometimes you each need something different while having together time. This options garners you personalized attention and the ability to choose a schedule that is optimal but saves you a bit of cash too!

Zoa instructing Lift and Lower on the Pilates Reformer
Zoa Conner, PhD, STOTT PILATES© Certified Instructor cueing gluteal engagement during the Lift and Lower exercise on the Pilates Reformer,

Make a Private a Special Event!

Private and duet sessions can be an occasional treat (Birthday gift, celebratory me-time session, or an “I Love You” or “Thank You” offering). They can also be a regular part of your self care routine. The sky is the limit!


Gentle strengthening and flexibility training are so helpful to me with my joint issues. I struggle with late stage lyme disease.  Zoa provides such personal attention to body mechanics and movement.  Mental clarity and physical strength are the benefits I feel after each class.  I enjoy Group Reformer classes, as well as Barre for Vitality and Zen Flow Yoga for increased flexibility.

Kim Coates
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