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Wellness Lifestyle for Athletic Longevity

You are an athlete. You work your body hard. You challenge it. You stress it. You expect it to work when you want it to – and to work hard! You want to do this over and over because you love it. You want to feel better not older!

How can you sustain your athletic endeavors with the single body you were given? Recovery. Without recovery, your strength is capped. Without recovery, your stamina is low. Without recovery, you push through pain. Without recovery, injuries take you out.

Athletic jump into nothingness

Don’t let that happen. Show up for yourself. Get some Zen so you can do what you love for a good long time.

My attitude is that if you push me towards a weakness, I will turn that weakness into a strength ~ Michael Jordan


4 Athletic Recovery Tools at Zen and Vitality

If you live near La Plata, MD, Zen and Vitality can support your goals of working out HARD for years to come. Keep reading and request time to talk about how we can work together so you are pain and injury free while you keep challenging yourself to bigger and better things with your body!

  1. Infrared Sauna to Promote Tissue Healing and Reduce Lactic Acid Buildup
  2. Fascial Release to Prevent Injuries
  3. Light Therapy to Build Collagen
  4. Core and Joint Stability Cross-Training

Keep reading about athletic recovery and the 4 recovery tools Zen and Vitality offers or skip ahead to Zoa’s Resources for Further Reading!


Recovery Tool #1: Infrared Sauna to Promote Tissue Healing and Reduce Lactic Acid Buildup

Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna Dome at Zen and Vitality with Zoa

Vigorous workouts challenge your muscles and your determination. The soreness afterwards reminds you of how hard you worked. It’s your reminder that you broke muscle fibers, challenged your fascia, lifted heavy, pushed hard, went long, and need to recover. What if, after that workout, you spent just 30 minutes lying in the heat of the Infrared Sauna and came out with little to no soreness and were ready for your next workout more quickly? What if the next day you felt energized, loose, and ready to go? You can. Just try it.


Recovery Tool #2: Fascial Release to Prevent Injuries

What athlete isn’t tight somewhere or everywhere after a hard workout or practice? You work those muscles and ask them to get strong. If you want the most out of your body, you need to ask them to get pliable and flexible too. That’s how you can prevent injury and gain strength! That’s how you avoid pain. That’s how you increase your stride or stroke length, get a better squat, or improve your coordination and agility.

Rental props to facilitate stress release during fascial movement classes

Zoa’s Zen Through Fascia class gives you an hour a week to get softer, looser, longer, springy, and comfortable as you move. If you just need to target one thigh or other body area, the Fascia Releazer might be your new best friend! Use the fascia tools/props or just your body to hydrate your tissues, increase elasticity of your muscles, and get a sensory reset.


Recovery Tool #3: Near Infrared and Red Light Therapy to Build Collagen

Light Therapy is a new recovery/pain relief technology now available at your fingertips! You can choose between doing your entire body or just a trouble spot.

Joovv Red/Infrared Light Therapy at Zen and Vitality
Joovv Red Light Therapy on the other!

If you want to address your entire body, the Joovv Light Therapy Quad system is big enough to do your entire front then back of your body while standing up. Faster recovery and improved performance from just a 10 minute session? What could be simpler?

The Wellness Space has a LumiNIR wand available for small areas. You can sit holding the want to your skin and within a few minutes zap collagen building red light and cellular healing near infrared light directly onto the place that hurts. A song or chat later and you feel better.


Recovery Tool #4: Core and Joint Stability Cross-Training

Zoa instructing Lift and Lower on the Pilates Reformer

Zen and Vitality with Zoa offers you a unique chance to cross train on or off season train in a way that ups your game, adds power, boosts your coordination, builds you up mentally, and makes everything in life easy.

Using a blend of Pilates and Yoga, together we will challenge your core, create new neural pathways in your brain, and add new movement patterns that improve your athletic performance.

This cross-training option does not replace your strength or sport workouts but it absolutely compliments it.


Reading Resources About Athletic Recovery

If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail. ~ Mark Spitz