Wellness Blood Panel – Level 2 ~ $300

A full set of markers to understand your fatigue, pain, detox abilities, and more – all from a wellness perspective

Pricing and Availability


Full Description

This blood test is completed at any LabCorp blood draw center. Zoa requests your tests through the doctors at Evexia. The test results go directly to you and me rather than to your doctor. Results are received quickly and the process is fairly smooth! The cost of this test is not going to be covered by insurance but submission to your FSA/HSA account is possible (not guaranteed). It might just be a PITA to try.

This panel contains the following tests:
  • Everything in the Level 1 Wellness Blood Panel
  • Whole Blood Histamine as a measure of your ability to methylate and remove toxins from your cells
  • C-peptide accompanies the insulin marker and helps understand of the pancreas is producing insulin or if the insulin is just not being used
  • Sedimentation rate – how thick is your blood? Can it even flow?!
  • Thyroid panel that includes free hormone levels, antibodies, selenium
  • Vitamin B12, Folate, and Vitamin D2
  • Zinc, Copper, and Ceruloplasmin for hormone and immune balance

This panel should be paired with:

This panel stands along in its value but you can pair it with a more specialized test that addresses your unique concerns. such as Reverse T3 and reproductive hormones. I highly suggest you also do an Omega 3 Index blood test.

Why this test is valuable to your wellness:

This test allows greater understanding of how capable the body is at all of its various functions to keep you alive and feeling fabulous.

Instructions: A 12-14 hour fast is suggested for this blood test by doctors however there is great value to seeing your cholesterol and other levels a few hours after a meal. Drink plenty of water and take your medications as prescribed.

Price: The fee in your shopping cart ($25) is to me for arranging your blood test orders. The actual blood test cost is approximate (around $300) and will be paid directly to Evexia.

Consult: I suggest you include either a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis or a Wellness Consultation with Zoa to accompany this testing plan!