Handheld Light Therapy- 4 Week Rental


Handheld light therapy for everyday use at home

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When you have a small injury or other localized body issue, you want a tool that you can use as often as possible to encourage optimal healing – and from the comfort of your home. The LumiNIR is the tool for you! LumiNIR is one of many self-care tools that are available either for rent or for in studio use.

Bring this baby home for 4 weeks and heal those cat scratches, the sprained ankle, the tight calf, and so much more!

Device Details: Your choice of 2 of the 4 possible LED heads (red for collagen and anti-aging, infrared for cellular healing, red and infrared for pain relief, and blue for acne) and the wand (and USB charging cable!) in a little bag so everything stays together.

Rental Details: For more info on the device and the science behind it, visit the Sunlighten website. You will be expected to pay the full rental fee in advance, schedule your pickup date/time, and sign a rental agreement (sent separately).

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