Meditation for Mental Focus

Modern lives can be overwhelming busy, stressful, and full of things to do (whos importance should be questioned!). When we choose to take a few minutes to meditate, we can clear away the distractions and the stress of the day. Meditation brings mental focus to our workday. Before bedtime, meditation prepares the mind for a night of restful, healing sleep. A regular meditation practice reduces anxiety and depression. Challenging times in life (divorce, declining health of a parent of loved one, big life changes) provide an opportunity for meditation to shine as one of our most effective wellness tools.

One of the audio meditation recordings available in Zoa’s Quarterly Meditation Membership for April is entitled “Seek Your Gem“. This meditation guides you through one way of clearing your mind. You will sort through rocks in a basket and decide which ones to keep and which ones you do not need anymore. You will strengthen your mental focus and discernment abilities.

Seek Your Gem • Guided Meditation Script

Imagine in front of you a basket filled with rocks. Somewhere in the basket is a Gem. It’s like your mind. Your mind is filled with thoughts. Some of them important; some of them not. Some that you want to keep and hold onto; some that you want to release. We are going to release all the thoughts and the rocks to find the Gems that are worthy of keeping.

As you put your hands into the imaginary basket and you feel the rocks, you sort them with your fingers. Your eyes are closed. You pick one up. You feel it. You smell it. You decide whether it is a Gem to keep or a rock to toss. If you are ready to toss it, <CLINK> and your mind is slightly emptier and clearer.

As you sort through the basket of rocks, you sort through your mind. Pick something that has been returning to your mind which is not helping you. Select it out like a rock in your hand. Then with your exhale, <CLINK> release it. Let it go. It does not need to come back. You feel just a little lighter on the inside.

As you keep sorting, if you find a Gem to keep, you tuck it into your pocket. If it is not worthy of keeping, <CLINK> then away it goes.

Meditation helps us connect to nature, the Earth, and the Universe. Nature inspires, nurtures, and challenges us. When we can not be present in nature in the way we need or desire, photography brings nature inside. Many activities have a meditative quality: washing dishes, rocking a baby, hiking, cloud watching, and gazing at a beautiful nature photo.

Whispers From Nature by Kent Burkhardsmeier

This month’s featured photo come from photographic artist and poet Kent Burkhardsmeier. In Sea Shell Sunrise, the sea shells are asking to be sorted through for the beauties you want to hold and remember! Sea Shell Sunrise energizes, starts your day, brings to mind fond beach memories, invites all of your senses to participate, and wakes your brain up.

How does this picture help you enter a meditative state? When you focus your gaze on the image, letting everything else fade away, you mentally enter into the nature scene. Feel the warmth of the sunshine build within you. Hear the wash of waves across the sand. Listen to the whispers from nature. Meditation brings warmth and nourishment to your mind and a relaxing smile to your face.

Kent’s photograph will inspire your meditations! His words are a meditation all to themselves. Let the light inspire your focus and your selected precious Gem.

Sea Shell Sunrise ©Kent J Burkhardsmeier
Sea Shell Sunrise by Kent Burkhardsmeier @ KJB Images

sea shell sunrise

tide drifts away
revealing a treasure
trove of discarded shells

ocean waves
sifted and sorted
smoothing each shell
before tossing ashore

beach walkers beckoned
seeing shells glistening
in sunrise’s golden rays

sifting and sorting
tossing some back to sea
seeking only selected gems

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KJB Images

You can learn about Kent, his photographs, and his books at his website

Photographer Kent Burkhardsmeier
Kent Burkhardsmeier

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