Many healing modalities address the body as a whole. Rife frequency therapy offers the opportunity to focus in on specific body parts and organisms sharing your body (especially those you did not invite). In your quest to feel better not older, both are important tools! During a Rife Frequency Therapy session you are adding low levels of specific “colors” of light (electromagnetic radiation) to the body through the hands and feet. You will be amazed at what can be addressed!

Rife Frequencies for Healing

History of Rife Frequency Therapy

Dr. Royal Rife was a brilliant researcher well versed in both physics and the science of bacteria. He developed specialized tools to view live bacteria and viruses (a first!). He explored these little beasties enough to observe that each species had a unique “color” or frequency of light associated with it. He also observed that the strength of this resonant frequency reflected the health of the bacteria or virus.

Dr. Rife built a machine that would generate a light frequency of his choice and gave the frequency back to the living bacteria or virus. Studies showed that this technique could stimulate growth or death of that particular living thing and no others. Just like physicists can use sound waves from an opera singer to shatter a glass or the wind can whip up a vibration in a bridge that breaks the bridge apart, Dr. Rife discovered a safe way to break apart (kill) bacteria and viruses within the human body without damaging anything about the human cells.

This research expanded into the cancer world where Dr. Rife used his discoveries to facilitate impressive healing experiences for people with a cancer diagnosis that was considered untreatable. Unfortunately the conventional medical establishment at the time did not agree and Dr Rife’s work was “buried”. He died the year I was born; only in the last 20-30 years have people in the US have been able to make use of his therapeutic research.

What is Rife Frequency Therapy Like?

A Rife Frequency Therapy session involves sitting or lying down while holding the metal electrodes (flat plates for your feet to rest on and little cylinders to hold in your hands or otherwise press against your skin). An acupressure mat is available to facilitate your relaxation into a healing state. The metal electrodes have little cloth sleeves that are moistened before your session begins.

Before you start, you browse the book for the program you want to run. Each program has a specific focus and runs the relevant frequencies – 5 minutes for each frequency typically so the program can run from 5 min to an hour. Once you type in your selected program, you just lie back, relax, and heal.

I encourage you to pay attention to how you are feeling during and after a session. Some programs might give you nothing to notice. That is fine. Perhaps you did not really need that program. Perhaps you will feel its affects in the next few days. Other programs you can feel them as they work (tingly liver, rumbling in the digestive tract, an ease to your joint pain, etc). Many people feel the healing as it happens and continue to feel better afterwards. Others use their Rife Frequency Therapy session as one piece to their personal journey closer to optimal health.

Who Should Use Rife Frequency Therapy?

Rife Frequency Therapy is fabulous for removing living invaders that are no longer welcome (Lyme, mold, Epstein-Barr, candida, etc). You are likely to benefit from combining your Rife Frequency Therapy session with detox support so you can better eliminate the bad beasties and the endotoxins they produce when they die and with immune system support to prevent regrowth.

Rife frequencies can also address particular parts of the body (thyroid gland, bone regeneration, arthritic joints, etc.) but you must have the nutritional resources available to the body to heal. To know what nutrients you might be missing, consider a Hair Mineral Analysis or a Personal Nutrition Analysis.

For things like mercury and other heavy metal toxicity, Rife Frequencies will support the body’s healing but you will need to improve your nutrition and detoxification first.

Reading About Rife Frequency Therapy