Water Quality Testing Service

Test your water to make sure it is completely healthy!

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Full Description

Your body requires clean, nutritious, toxin-free water to function optimally. How do you know if the water at your home or office is helping you get and stay healthy? Test it!

TapScore provides an easy way to find out if your water contains the nutrients your body needs or has any contaminants that might harm you. TapScore results are focused on your personal health and wellness because they are based on up to date research on toxicology and health (not public water system safety and relevant costs).

TapScore has testing for well water, city water, and specialized needs. I used this test at my home prior to starting my kombucha subscription service for you! Try it and let me know what you think!

The Process: Order your test kit from TapScore, register it online, fill your sample bottles, get your results, then feel free to schedule a wellness consult with me to discuss how to to get healthier water!