Boroux Water Filters

You deserve healthy drinking water!

Purchase a Boroux Water Filter


What filter does that best job at making your water safe and healthy for you? Boroux!

A Boroux water filter will fit well into your existing or new Berkey Filtration system or most other gravity fed system.

Boroux filters remove an amazing number of harmful contaminants from your drinking or shower water including heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, glyphosate, microplastics, endocrine disruptors, nitrites, pesticides, VOCs, petroleum and gasoline products while leaving in all the beneficial minerals that the human body needs.

If you are used to “city water” or you have been buying bottled water, your first sip of Boroux water will offer a delightful surprise at how good plain ol’ water can taste! If you really want to make your water the best it can be, get your Boroux filter and then HEAL your water afterwards using a HEAL Capsule. You will feel terrific!

I know they seem expensive but consider the long lifetime, the filter replacement costs, and the value of your optimal health and wellness. It is a steal to get a Boroux.


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