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Algae is nature’s original green superfood. Salmon eat it. Astronauts eat it. You should too! These tiny sustainable and organically farm-grown plants are powerhouses of nutrition. They pack more into a little tablet than your entire salad! Algae contains vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids (salmon get theirs from algae!), chlorophyll, protein, antioxidants, and more!

How to Use:

  1. Add to a snack bowl with a brazil nut, some additional nuts, a few bits of dried fruit
  2. Let them melt in your mouth
  3. Swallow them and be done with it
  4. Add them to smoothies

EnergyBits are 100% spirulina, have the highest protein density of any food (3x steak), and are best for Energy, Focus, Skin and Hunger. Take these in the morning.

RecoveryBits are 100% chlorella, have the highest chlorophyll content of any food (500x arugula), and are best for Detox, Overall Health, Longevity, and Athletic Performance. Take these in the evening.

Suggested Serving Size (1 Calorie per tablet):

  • 2-3 tablets as a grazing snack
  • 5-10 tablets for Skin/Immune/Nutrition support
  • 10-20 for a meal replacement, green cleanse, or maintenance mode
  • 20-30 for detox and optimal athletic performance

Choose how much algae you need in your life – you can pick your algae up at Zen and Vitality.

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