Sourdough Bread – Seeded




Sourdough bread is a gut healthy, nutrient rich style of bread that delight the taste buds and the belly equally. Chef Terrance from Meallenial Living’s JUICE Si creates his sourdough bread from his unique starter culture and a few basic all natural, organic, locally grown ingredients. These 2.2 lb loaves are baked fresh and delivered the same day! Read more about how unique and healthy this sourdough bread is!

This loaf is sourdough augmented with a mix of seeds (sesame, pumpkin, poppy) both inside and out. Chef Terrance delivers tuesday evenings and you pickup (by appointment!) soon after. Sourdough can be kept:

  • One the counter covered in a towel for several days
  • Wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator for several weeks
  • Unsliced and sealed from air in the freezer for several months


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