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Coffee with your wellness in mind!

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If you are a coffee lover trying to improve your wellness in easy, sustainable ways, Purity Coffee is a great choice. Purity Coffee is certified and tested to be mold-free, mold mycotoxin free, pesticide free, grown by regenerative or biodynamic farms, and have exceptional taste.

Purity Coffee comes in several styles.

  • Flow is their original medium roast intended to be high in antioxidants, easy on the stomach, and taste like great coffee.
  • Ease is their dark roast intended to be easier on your digestive tract but you give up on some of the antioxidant properties.
  • Calm is like Flow but decaffeinated using a special water processing technique.
  • The newest style, Protect, is all about supporting your liver. Protect is a light-medium roast that maximizes antioxidants and tastes naturally sweet.

You can get a small sachet of coffee to try and let me know what you think! A sachet is like a tea bag but with coffee! Then you can use my Purity Coffee affiliate link to get yourself more!

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Flow, Ease, Calm, Protect


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