Castor Oil applied topically over the liver (or other location) is a great way to support detoxification of the body. Sometimes you want an inexpensive DIYway to use castor oil … which is why you are here! You can upgrade to a fancier, castor oil pack that comes with straps for wrapping around your body to keep the pack in place.

Pour the castor oil onto this organic cotton flannel piece and lay the fabric directly on your skin. You are welcome to cover the fabric with another layer of something that acts as a barrier to the oil does not get on your clothes, sheets, or small children. This fabric piece can be reused (no need to wash between uses) for around 3 months if placed into a sealed container (like the plastic bag it comes in) when not in use.

You get a single one square foot piece of soft, pre-washed organic cotton flannel made in the USA.