Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a traditional way to thin bile and gently support both liver function and whole body healing. A small amount of castor oil (1 Tbsp) is applied to an organic cotton flannel cloth (or use these snazzy Castor Oil Packs) and laid on your liver while you do something calming and relaxing. Start with a 20-30 minute session and work up to one a few hours long or even overnight!

This castor oil comes from Queen of the Thrones. It is 100% pure extra-virgin, cold-pressed, certified organic, hexane free, food grade castor oil in an amber glass bottle for minimal toxins and maximal lifetime. This oil is for external use – do not take internally as a laxative. Store at room temperature.

Castor oil is also well known to support healthy growth of hair, eye lashes, eye brows, and nails along with the reduction of wrinkles in your delicate skin.

A 3.4 oz bottle contains about 6 uses (at 1 Tbsp/use). A 16 oz bottle contains about 30 uses (at 1 Tbsp/use).