Homeopathic Sinus Defense

Homeopathic help for your sinuses to fight mold, allergens, and viruses

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Sinus Defense is a homepathic remedy optimized for helping your nose and sinuses deal with exposure to mold, allergens, and viruses. It contains molecules that act as messengers to your immune system so you can better identify pathogenic invaders and mark them as targets for removal. Mold is sneaky and encourages your immune system to ignore it. Sinus Defense teaches your immune system how to “see” the mold or other pathogen and remove it without stressful inflammation which often challenges your ability to breathe.

Sinus Defense is a sublingual spray taken after meals or drinking. You want it to go directly through your mouth’s mucus membranes into your blood stream not get washed down your throat into your stomach. This remedy (and others) was developed by experienced Ear, Nose, Throat doctor Dr. Donald Dennis to help his patients heal from their mold-induced illness.

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