Homeopathic CitriDrops Nasal Spray

Homeopathic help for your sinuses to fight mold, allergens, and viruses

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CitriDrops is a steroid-free, homeopathic nasal spray that you can use to clean your nose and sinuses after exposure to mold, bacteria, or viruses. Besides cleansing your mucus membranes, this spray soothes them, calms the inflammation that closes off your breathing, and gets rid of the offending source of infection.

This remedy (and others) was developed by experienced Ear, Nose, Throat doctor Dr. Donald Dennis to help his patients heal from their mold-induced illness. It works splendidly when combined with Sinus Defense and Beta Glucans.

This spray is unique in that it contains xylitol which helps break up biofilms that act as protective barriers for colonies of mold, bacteria, and viruses inside your nose and sinuses. These colonies create a constant stress and chronic sinus infections thereby making it impossible to heal fully. Did you know that 96% of sinus infections are fungal in nature (mold)?

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