Fascial Movement Prop Rental


Available on backorder

Test drive all the fascia props from the comfort of your home – get the most stress relief out of Fascial Movement classes!

Available on backorder



Rent a set of props for 1 month to you can get the full experience and stress relief of a Fascial Release class at home. Zoa will select an appropriate set of props for you based on your body’s needs. Shipping or delivery service of the prop set is extra (ask Zoa). At the end of your rental month, it is your responsibility to either request to continue renting for a 2nd (or 3rd) month, return the props promptly, or request a quote to purchase them.

Custom prop selections are made from:

1 pair of either soft orange fascia balls or red fascia balls

1 of either purple fascia peanut, orange fascia peanut, or yellow oval fascia massager tools

1 pair of either soft therapy domes or firm therapy domes

1 flex band or resistance loop



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