EarthRunners Barefoot Grounding Sandals

Minimalist grounding sandals

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Most shoes are insulated from the Earth – keeping you from the electrons that could help de-stress and detoxify you. EarthRunner sandals are designed with minimal and ergonomic laces (straps), flat pliable soles made by Vibram, and a direct electrical connection to the Earth using a copper/stainless steel grounding system. I love mine – perhaps you have seen my strappy orange sandals in the lobby?

You have a choice of 3 sole thicknesses, 2 strap types, and several strap colors. You will end up loving them even if you are skeptical to start – about the grounding or the fit. The first time I wore mine for a walk on my neighborhood road I could feel the tension from my chest draining and the world on my shoulders lifting – much faster and to a greater extent than a “previously normal” walk.

They want you to be happy with your shoes and so do I!


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