Grounding Mat

Electrically connect to the Earth while working, sleeping, or otherwise being inside!

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Spending time with bare feet connected to the Earth is important for your feet, your mood, and your overall health. When you can’t get enough barefoot Earthing time, a grounding mat brings the Earth to your feet – electrically speaking. A grounding mat allows your body to access the millions of free electrons in the Earth that your electrical body needs in order to function optimally. It replicates that wonderful feeling you get after a walk on the beach, going outside after a thunderstorm, or lying in the grass as a kid. Grounding (sometimes called Earthing) will help improve your sleep, reduce your stress, and improve your health – sometimes more than you expected!

Ideas of Where to Use:

  • On floor under your computer desk for feet to rest on during the work day
  • Across seat and back of chair or couch while eating or relaxing
  • On your bed under your back or hips while sleeping
  • On the kitchen floor to stand on while prepping food or washing dishes (don’t splash or drip!)

Specs: The conductive side with the snap goes up and against your body. The foam bottom provides a grippy base to keep the mat in place. Both sides are constructed with your health and the environment in mind – non toxic and flame retardant free, vinyl free and phthalate free polyurethane, latex and PVC free foam.

Use Tips: Bare skin against the mat is best. A single layer of thin clothing should also work. Do not apply lotions, oils, or any other personal care products to the body parts that will touch the mat – the mat will no longer electrically work.

Care: Clean as needed with a slightly damp cloth and simple soap and water and air dry. Do not immerse in water or use cleansers or chemicals to clean.

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