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Do you want to drink coffee that makes your body healthier, is great for the planet, and helps you feel amazing and powerful? That is what Danger Coffee can do for you!

Single Source:

Danger Coffee beans are sourced direct from a single farm in Guatemala for their flavor and quality.The beans are hand picked (by people who are paid a living wage). They are fermented on the farm with clean water and the ideal microbe types.


Roasting beans often results in moldy beans due to the high heat and humidity required for on farm roasting. Danger Coffee beans are carefully prepared then certified by third party testing to be mold toxin free (did you know that when moldy coffee is rejected by other countries’ import regulations the companies send the rejects to the US because of our lax quality and health standards?). Dave Asprey, the brain behind Danger Coffee, has dealt with the life destroying effects of mold toxicity and makes sure that Danger Coffee keeps you at your dangerous best!


Fulvic and Humic minerals (over 50 trace minerals and electrolytes!) are added to the beans so that your morning cup actually brings minerals into your cells and removes toxins. Remember that coffee acts as a laxative and a diuretic – the minerals make good use of that!

If you like sweet coffee, be sure to drink your coffee in a cup that is white on the inside – it will taste 30% sweeter just because of the cup color (get a Zen mug)! If sweet is not your thing, use a lab grade borosilicate mug instead and your coffee will simply taste better.

Danger Coffee is perfect for turning your morning cup into a fasting friendly breakfast by adding butter and MCT8 oil (for brain fuel) and prebiotic fiber (so you feel full and support your gut). You can add collagen to your coffee for protein which is great if you are ready to break your fast.


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