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Easy External Detox!

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Castor oil is a messy affair but oh so helpful for helping body detoxify, lower inflammation, and self-cleanse. Packs are sized for different parts of the body (and different sized bodies!). Your choices are:

  • Adult Liver: to help your liver cleanse your blood and impact the whole body (right side of abdomen up near the bottom of your rib cage)
  • Smaller Size Liver: for kids or small adults
  • Eyes/Sleep: for the sinuses, eyes, and brain health (oh and beauty for lashes and brows too!)

These packs are designed to make applying castor oil to your body easy and simple. You can choose to DIY with a simple piece of organic cotton flannel and some patience for potential messes. To use your pack:

  1. Apply 1 T of organic Castor Oil to the inside of the cloth pack (spread it around a bit)
  2. Place the pack against your body
  3. Attach the straps to it stays in place
  4. Lie or sit and do something pleasurable – so you will be in a relaxed, healing state!

Start with a 20-30 minute session and work up to wearing it for several hours at a time. You may or may not wish to achieve the goal of wearing it overnight while you sleep to make your sleep extra good and helpful!

These pack get used over and over without washing. It is suggested that you replace yours (for hygiene purposes) every 2 months.

These Castor Oil Packs come from Queen of the Thrones. They are designed by a Naturopathic Doctor for your wellness. These packs have several layers. The part against your body is organic cotton flannel. There is a moisture-proof barrier of PUL (polyurethane) to keep your body heat in and the castor oil from getting out. The straps are made of stretchy nylon.

If you are purchasing a liver pack of any size, use code “castor” to save 15% on your castor oil purchase (large size only) as well!

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